Dusk Til Dawn Lyrics

[Chorus 1]
Late at night, early in the morning
Middle of the day, all day long

[Verse 1]
See us rollin', rollin' down the ave. on a sunny day
I'm at the picnic around the way
A page from Renee, so it's on after midnight
We quiet like church mice (Ice)
For the pookie, now missy wants to get with me
Flip with me, trick me, but when you dip with me
Slip with me ya lose grip with me
Now it's a given that other tricks with me, why

[Verse 2]
Girlie you're stouter than Guinness
Witness a young menace come wicked
Conversation had you possessed, obsessed
Now let me hit it, naw forget it
I'm raw with money to accommodate
Promise honey you just waiting, I got lust for you all day
Stay in my zone, territories I roam
A young G sprung easily for Gucci and chrome
Do me and I'm gone, it don't stop
Rockin' robins around the clock, check my spots
And then I'm out

[Chorus 2]
Late at night
Now we gets it on from dusk til dawn
Early in the morning
To my people in the streets when you need me it's on
Middle of the day
Proceed to act like G's, let the party last long
All day long
Life's a jungle, it's a struggle trying to get my hustle on

[Verse 3]
My ghetto reality has been draggin' me for twenty-four years
Here we go again, pullin' out my Benz let my friends and peers know
My life's in jeopardy, steadily scrillin' paper
Continous paper, high-powered cowards feelin' major
Now what's the flavor on your block, is every party non-stop
Did anybody make the news at ten o'clock
Still I got blues, let my suede shoes caress the streets
Avoiding the beats, request for peeps, yes indeed

[Verse 4]
Evil creeps with me as I slide through your block, the spot is hot
G-strings frequent, now let's pop the top
Poof, hit your projects and we dressed
We all family so need for a vest, less
Silk and lovely bubbly for everybody
The party's jumpin' the music's bumpin' now we slummin'
Late night, back streets be black street
Likes days, they ain't ready as we ball

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 5]
Every hour a baby's born crying, dying
Politicians lying, in the ghetto we surviving
I've been, throught the madness, sadness
My last view was of you in the casket

[Verse 6]
Stuck like magnets, evading haters cause they're scandalous
Dreams of lavish things, happily men turn kings
Burn trees, no more murdering third degree
Concerned it seems, the God watch over me

[Chorus 2: x2]

[Chorus 1: to fade]

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