Places Lyrics

[INTRO: Clip from a movie]
"Look around you, you see two cops, uhhhh"
"Couple of off-duty cops and a judge,"
"Now I wouldn't have a second's hesitation about blowin'
off your head right here right now in front of 'em"
"Now that's power you can't buy, that's the power of fear"

[Verse 1:]
Jolly Rancher's my favorite color look at my jewels
Fruit of the Looms in the my bracelet I'm worldwide touring
Alotta diamonds from different places, I'm international
The world trade I'm cuttin' ends on a jet plane
Frozen water in my chain come and ice skate
It's the god the commissioner of the ball game
Better yet I'm cyber ballin' off the internet
The super spender blowin' guaps at the Beverley Center
It's summertime but this ice got me feelin' winter
She's all emotional these bitches gettin' sentimental
I'm sunset two o'clock in the mornin'
Sports coupin' through the traffic it's a strike when I bowl it
I'm a rich nigga, Richmond Cali on my pendant
The south the north and central even hilltop's in it
Never the less I love to move classy, I love to stay jazzy
I just left the Caymans and I'm still acceptin' payments
I blew my firm on it out before the arrainment
Back to the streets my life I couldn't change it
New rims new car see I'm a hood star
Them grown mens is claustrophobic on a suicide
Diamonds cocas hoes and guns
I know the government is after me where should I run
It's a cold game, twenty birds in my cargo
Coachin' cars wid foreign hoes wid the Isotoner

[HOOK: sample]
Won-wonder, are you in control
There's a place, that we dare not go
There's a place, that we dare not go

[Verse 2:]
I'm vacationin' first class so you know I'm still jet planin'
She got my poster on the wall and she glass framed it
I'm a pimp and I'm lookin' for that fast payment
Every flip that you gotta show me is street famous
The first time I sit her down I was in Portland
I'm wid the blades and she thinkin' that I'm corporate
Number one stunna fled away took the coke wid it
Seattle to Vegas California on my license plate
I got a price to pay I'm feelin' kinda nice today
They cameras on me go ahead and let 'em flick away
I'm posin', rims not stolen,
gold Ds and jet skis on the trailers I'm totin' get a job
I'll be flying state to state feelin' higher than God
And alotta things could happen I live my life bizarre
Plus I got the antidote but this might make you alarm
I dust the dirt of my shoulders then traffic the raw
Still moving like a general wid bangers and pendletons
Three wheeling wid cowboy in a '64 living it
Poppin' stunnas wid my stunnas on,
Call me the stunna man,
I gotta make room hoppin' out the stunna van
Alotta different reasons why I act this way
Cause it never cease that I shine they callin' me brightly
Icey Fed-X International to ya country, I know
I probably shouldn'ta trust this hoe
Let's follow dope when I probably shoulda put it on a boat
It all started from the block I used to hustle twenty-four
But now I be in different states they say that I changed
Big rims on my car dog I'm still the same
And uh, I got a way that you can get you some pay
I can front it you can run it long as you stackin' ya hundreds
Cooking coke in the oven now ya hustlin' it was all comin'
You grew up on a hard far from a struggle

There's a place, that we dare not go
There's a place, that we dare not go

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Record Label(s): 2006 Sumo Oakland Street Show D50

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