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Energy Lyrics (feat. Sccit)

[Verse 1: Fatlip]
I'm down for whatever when I'm up against the odds
Don't need no recognition, I got nods from the gods
Life turns the page, a number just a age
I can rock the stage from the cradle to the grave
A hundred thousand plays on the radio, you paid it though
Say that Lip's a hipster with that early 1980s flow
Ignoring all ya laughter, doin all I have ta'
Now peep the photograph from before and the after
10 day fast, wasn't meant to obey no master
Word to Jeff & Perry, the Larry David of rappers
Is back at it again.. f*ck how long it's been
In the back of ya mind ya thinkin “yo that man's about to win”
He gettin ova, just like he told ya
No lucky clover, f*ck luck he workin' ova
Time & a half, add it up, do the math
Multiply by infinity, this was meant to past FEEL THE ENERGY
[Sccit] You got to feel the energy
[Fatlip] Feel the energy

[Bridge: Sccit]
Yea, I'd like to uhh.. Introduce myself (one time)
They call me.. Sccit the.. muthaf*ckin shiieeet

[Verse 2: Sccit]
I don't pretend to be something that I ain't (naah)
Never pretend to be something that i can't (never)
Those who seek knowledge from others excel in various facets
The curious askin, propels the logic in a serious fashion
I bury these bastards in a pile of wisdom
Some talk a whole mess while others just listen
Wishin.. upon a star will never get you far
But put your faith in G-O-D and he'll expand your repertoire (uhhh)
You don't wanna believe in a thing that'll put your life in jeopardy
A lotta muthaf*ckas don't believe in a higher power, they believe in energy
Other muthaf*ckas don't know what to believe, walkin around like they the shit
A blend of confidence and humility; did we just make a hit?
Shit.. Sccit.. And Fatlip
A force pulled us together like we was a magnet
Came to heighten ya senses like some catnip
So keep that muthaf*ckin energy til you hit the casket
[Sccit] You got to feel the energy
[Fatlip] Feel the energy

[Outro: RBX]
Energy.. The quantative property
Generated by the most high
Manifested as a capacity for power
Is it kinetic energy?
Or is it chemical energy?
Or-or e-electrical energy? (bzzz)
Naah.. it's that LABCABIN ENERGY!

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Songwriter(s): Fatlip
Record Label(s): 2022 Labcabin Records
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