Comin Back Lyrics (feat. Pyramid Quince, Archibald Slim & Gahm)

[Pyramid Quince:]
This ain't magic, go on girl shake that ass
Shawty like this shit and it's the first time heard
Tell the DJ run that back, see her droppin' low
Like do that shit, uh girl do that shit
Like ooh that's him Pyramid from the crew that's thick
Quince just too damn sick, from the mob and shit
Out the Awful clique, young and i'm off the shit
From down the block, you can smell the strong
So dont ask what I'm on, and I'm like:
Please, I don't do drugs, trees is what I'm on
And I've been gone, and I ain't comin' back
It's a forcefield for my zone

I've been gone, I ain't comin' back [x8]

[Archibald Slim:]
I handle my business, now blunts gettin' rolled
If I don't pass, don't baby sit with you and put down low
Can help mum what kind of deal, never mind it's not for sale
I can't see what's on the money, I'm too drunk and high to tell
Fool we sliding out the bario, we swerving by the Shell
Now start me swervin' to the party, local service, purpose bill
Off the liquor like Quince, yeah we off the shits
So nigga throw on some Awful shit
But let a nigga bust, I let a cop cross you up
A nigga sober up awful quick, nigga awful quick

Flexin with a chick a nigga been had
I keep it G with all the C's just call a nigga Sinbad
Girls get on their knees trying to receive my blessings
That's sad, hoes are just for fun, my love is one
And that's that bitch Cash
Care less what a hoe could think
That nice guy shit has been passed
Come with me askin' to buy a drink
I'll slap you til you sip that
I'm colder than polars be, I fold your bitch like gym mats
Pass her to the homies, while you lonely with no text back
And doesn't that sound like some really awful shit?
Got another nigga's woman hittin' high notes on the dick
When she stumble in the crib at six you askin' where she's been

"I was out with my friend"

You tell she's lyin', bitch she said she's with a friend
You gonna be ten minutes, your bitch is gone we been smashed

She's been gone, she ain't comin' back
She's been gone, she ain't comin' back

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Songwriter(s): Coodie Breeze, Archibald Slim, Father, GAHM
Record Label(s): 2014 Awful Records
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