I'm An Outlaw Lyrics

[Fatal: Talking]

Hey, hey, you ain't no Outlaw
Get em'!
Ya'll niggaz is hoes

[Chorus x8: Fatal (Young Noble)]

Is you an Outlaw? (I'm an Outlaw)

I went from Dirty Bruce man to Hussein, Its a two game table
Fatal i'll run up with my gun up, try to shoot tanks nigga
You dont want it when i cock the pump, cock and dump
Let off at ya shots and lump, I gots to dump
Shoot from jail, block ya bump
If I fell off, I caught on and forgot to jump
Sheech ya man, he'll never speak again
Greet ya fam, ice grill heat in hand
Whats the deal?, real niggaz tuck the steal
Bust to kill, big bends is up the hill
Locks it down, take it when i cock the pound
Rock ya town, and roll when the top is down
Is Pac around? I dont know, Kadaf was found
One in the head, dead on the project ground
If its on then its on, we rape beat breaks
Outlawz! they wanna be us on a fake we takes

[Chorus x8]

[Young Noble]
Apply pressure like pliars, whatever my kind desires
It ain't hard to find us, we even started as minors
Put the bullshit behind us, we movin forward
Eat cheese and get you killed, and whoever you wasn't caught with
Signing statments, now i'm flying places
Denying that you hating, thats the way that ya go
How did i know?
Look at what the game done to me
mother-f*ck the world cuz we grew up (???), trust me
I stay dusty like i live down in New, I'm used to
Fell off the block now we're selling out stores
Yelling Outlaw when we riding down you street
Niggaz think that Pac gone that it ain't no beef You f*ckin dickhead, Outlawz spit lead
And tonight, when you come home i'm gon be laying in your bed
So when you put your key in the lock, make sure your heat cocked
You was scared when he was alive, but now you gotta face Pac, its on

[Chorus x8]

Sicker than same faces, Hussein case is not to
Be forgot, nigga ask Pac who shot you
Last block i got you, burnt it up on ya'll
Can i stop you?, c'mon dogg, I turn it up on ya'll
Little homo thugs and thats word to Kadafi
I spit at Mobb Deep, had to holla at Junior Mafia
Toured with Yak, watching fake niggaz spit out
Ignored the eyes, told them jake niggaz "get outta here"
Hit em with that, I diss ya'll and stand in the jects
Handiling techs, lick off and hit your man in the neck
And you was next, you ran so i spit on your back
My daughter a firebug, so she sit on the mac
Stop with your job, I cock and put my glock in ya eyes
You think I'd be sitting in the county if Pac was alive
I'm illa than that, Outlawz is realer than that
If ya wifey be feeling Hussein, then i'm feeling her back
You ain't no Outlaw

[Fatal talking]
Watered down ass nigga, Bitch made nigga
Suck a dick!

[Chorus x8]

[Fatal talking]
uh, Outlaw!
Operating Under Thug Laws As Warriors!
What? ya'll niggaz thought we forgot!
We still together! Outlawz forever!
This is ressurection shit!
We gonna keep on riding!
Get down!
Liutenant will mash on you fake ass niggaz!
Where you want it?!
Wherever you go, you got it comin, its smothered!
We got the game in check

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