Get Offa Me Lyrics

I'm just sitting watching TV
Who's that looking through my window
Now they knocking at my door
I'm not who you're looking for

[VERSE 1: Trek Life]
Man, all I'm trying to do is just drive my car
Turn my beats up and rhyme these bars
But even when I abide by laws
You run my plates just to find my flaws
Now I undestand stopping crime's your job
But since I ain't a criminal and I don't rob
Or steal from anyone don't bother me dawg
Busting U-turns to follow me far up the street,
With your hand on your heat, "Now what's that for? "
I ain't a thug just because I got a hat on
Don't pull me over just to act like an [expletive]
And if you don't believe my answers, "What you ask for? "
My skin color and police are like past foes
When they was hanging us from trees with a lasso
They oversee a steady beat on my ass yo
But when I call ya'll in need ya'll react slow, damn.

I'm just sitting watching TV
Who's that looking through my window
Now they knocking on my door
I'm not who you're looking for

Officer get offa me!
Officer get offa me!
I'm just doing my thing, let me be
Officer get offa me!

[VERSE 2:]
[Kev Nish:]
It ain't the way I walk (nope), the way I talk (nope)
But when it comes to two-eleven I'm the brother they want
I do a record with Trek, I sweat like Mike
I'm the extraordinary type of brother you like
They ain't trying to hear that (Who?), Officer Jack Move
Got me on the hood wanted for something I can't do
Cause I got a bald head, 2 hands and 2 feet
Plus the dude was Japanese, so it's gotta be me
They toss me in the backseat like a hooker on Vine
Yo guess who's sitting next to me, my man Trek Life
[Trek Life:]
Man this is [expletive] dawg, it just ain't right
Both of us locked up on the same damn night?
They pulled me over telling me I made an illegal right
[Kev Nish:]
They told me I'm the guy they looking for cause of my eyes
Then they took us to jail saying we all look alike
Cause we damn good looking and we doing alright.


[VERSE 3: J-Splif, Prohgress]
[RING RING] Pick up the phone!
If it's the bill collector tell him I ain't home
I ain't got a bankroll, you heard me singing the blues
But if they really want it, I got I.O.U's
You don't really gotta stress about the cash I'm making
Couldn't really get me for no tax evasion
I get letters saying that they need a payment
I write them right back tell them, "Please be patient"
You getting what you give... Yeah, you got what you wanted
None of ya'll are fam, I ain't keeping a promise
What do you expect from a kid who's in college
Yeah, I got a lotta credit so you know I'm a charge
New rims, DVD's, lava lamps
And if we need some [expletive] get a cash advance
Yo, I think we hit our limit man, we maxed out!
How we gon' pay it off, man we assed out!


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