Triangle Offense Lyrics

[Demetrius] (Dice)
Where niggas from up in here cuz?
(Where niggas from up in here blood?)
Where them bitches with them riches that might need a son?
I don't need a gun to shoot her club up in here, cuz
That mean I'm tryna skeet in Nicki and Rihanna too
And I'ma call her Robin cause Robin thick on my momma too
I swear to your honour I'm tryna get two baby mommas
With a lot of loot cause workin' a job is what I ain't tryna do
Causin' carnage like Cletus Kasady, a heathen speakin' sacreligious blasphemy
Pac got that rifle strap tatted, I might get that strap tat on me
That's the only time I'll let a nigga draw a strap on me!
I'm Langston Hughes with gangsta views, ready to break the rules
That's word to ISIS, my ancient muse
Take the nation to war like 1804 Haitians do when I change into two Super Saiyans fused

[Julius] (Kenny)
My bitch dumb fly - simple and plain, (Fam' Biz' in this bitch, come get with the gang)
These niggas talkin', I'ma spray the brrat at 'em, push ya cap back
Hashtag 'RayJHatChallenge'
Ever since I first came out the birth canal, I was disturbed with a urge to write murderous verses down and work a crowd
Gotta merk beats with a perfect style, I'm certain every person around is like "Wow"
I perfect my verses, my verse is worth your while
Want me to rap? You gotta cash me out
These lions come with a fee, that's feline, I'm the cat's miaow
My team is back up in this, we the Family Bvsiness
We don't even need to have a gimmick, speedin' past the limits
I'ma write a diss rap for every single rapper livin'
Better yet, every rapper posted by DJ Akademiks
AHH! We the best, f*ck what y'heard - that's mindf*ck
Your run is over now, call it clock tower - time's up!

[Dice] (Demetrius)
Let's get it understood up in this bitch, we elbow our way in - we some bullies in this bitch
I might pull a nigga bitch, yeah she gon' swallow dick
Til' I got a hollow tip, like the bullets in my clip
Let the beat get some oxygen, see how we rockin' it
The minute I get on a beat I be choppin' it, flow so
Neat in the pocket, we the kings of this rhymin' shit
Family Bvsiness, C.O.B., you can't defeat the conglomerate
Ay, ay, ay! Take a seat nigga, before I have yo' bitch taste this skeet nigga
She can get a taste like this beat, and I'm from the beach
Murder was the case on them cheeks nigga
Ignore a nigga's friend request, I mean in real life - my only friend's success
(When that lil' uzi squirt, you and your friends are next)
Screamin' "All my friends are dead" cause your friends with death!

[KXNG Crooked]
Homie, I ain't gotta go to Flex, I spazz on HomeGrown
Throw my doub' up so high, it's past the ozone
Walk into crazy girls, got a couple of baddies with me
I'm just droppin' cash, they poppin' ass with clothes on
Pop, lock and droppin' it, I'ma just get up in that chocolate box
Til' the clock on your wrist stop the apocalypse
And cockblock your Dominick, my unborn daughter chillin' in the bottom of the condom like it's a condo?
Drip drip, you niggas got the panties all dry
Drip drip, I'm flexin' at the Grammy's all fly
Drip drip, I hit 'em with the Randy Moss tie, get you jumpin' like a heart count
My family offsized, blow the whistle
No matter what flag, I'm so official, when I slide in these bitches' DM's
They know the dizzle, I get you a quarter pizzle
I spit like I'm on the Thizzle, Mac Dre shit
Shootin' my shot like a loaded pistol

[Kenny] (KXNG Crooked)
My swing crazy, you know the style
Kill 'em like I pulled out a scope, when they scope me out
I'm addicted to that kind of p*ssy that don't miaow
We'll have dinner on the couch, but I'm gon' need out
I'm The Most High, I don't beef, I mostly smile
But picture God in beef - I mean, holy cow
I'ma stay afloat, I'm the one you won't see drown
But ironically this liquid flow hold me down
(I'm hood bro, look, don't f*ck with me, you should know)
Or get the message when you get yo ass kicked - footnote
Polygamy's havin' two chicks when you come home
And I've gotta be their rock, two birds and one stone
If I send a picture of my dick to a chick when it's sittin' up perpendicular, it might trigger her amygdala, yah
Niggas'll never be able to mess with the hustle that's comin' up outta the underground droppin' the cabby
The Bvsiness is Family!

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