When You Hoes Lyrics


When you hoes is lonely in the night
All you need is the one who can make it right
Just get back and page me
I will find a way

Baby girl its me time
Lets do it like the dogs by the street sign
Combine with the beast that's bout the shiekin'
Sweet is the wine I sip off your thigh
Reeking the smell of the cream that just slipped in your eye
Peeking at you fannie
Swing back and forth in your panties
Smoke a tenny, pop the remy
Its another Annie
Heartbreak, if your smart take of your tennies
Throw on them red heels tender
Remember me not being sober
I hit the curb when I pulled over
You was cool cause I was riding that toyoter
Since I'm the kind who macking for sex
I hit the pedal then came back in the lex
Why did it take all that
For you to fall flat, on your face
While my balls slap the pace
Of your cushor
Japanese or African sisters
Laughin' at bustas
Because you back with the hustler

Chorus x2

You said your man went to jail
Wanna give me that tail
His ATU at nine
Time will reveal
I showed up with my sex motor over your quota
Little ginny in my glass of soda its over
I'm givin' all my sex
Your man called collect
To give y'all respect
I withdraw the bed
Hung up ensured him that the pussy's untouched
But you keep telling me in person how you love it so much
And probably
Keep the lights on just to see my body
A hobby is what we call it
But can't live without it
I'm noddin' fast asleep
In the nasty sheets
Pass my glass of tea
So the wrath in me, can blossom
Everynight a different way to toss'em is awesome
Takin' flicks of all the naked shit you see the boss is
Tellin you to tell your man that your girlfriend took'em
So he can smile when he lookin'

Chorus x2

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