Hit And Run


Hit And Run Lyrics

Girl there go that motherf*cker Esham
Hell, gia, girl, he f*cked me
And Betty, he f*cked me
And Betty, he f*cked me
And Betty, he f*cked me
And told everybody about that shit girl

I once knew a bitch by the name of Jill
I used to f*ck her everyday cause she was on the pill
I didn?t wear no rubber or no type of protection
?Cause the bitch was straight down in the mid-section

Now Jill had a problem with her big mouth
Tellin? all her f*ckin? friends how I bust her out
And then her friend named Betty
Told me she was ready to get f*cked

A nigga like me said, "What's up bitch?"
I got a jimmy hat, she said, "Gimme that"
Next thing ya know
I'm f*ckin? her from the back

I bent her over made her touch her toes
Then this bitch had nut on her clothes
Damn I gotta go, so I'm out the backdoor
The booty was kinda tight so my dick was kinda sore

Bitch got shot with the bop gun
?Cause when I'm in the p*ssy, it's a hit and run

I met this bitch on the street
Real big booty and big lips
I spit game and I didn?t even know her name
But she's a ho and a ho's kinda lame

So I said, "Lemme hit the p*ssy one time"
She said, "Nigga, get you out your mind"
I said, "Baby, baby wait a minute, don?t act ill
I just wanna stick it in and see how it feel?

?I promise I'll take it out", but when I got up
In that ass that bitch couldnt live without
I started pushin? and pullin?, and f*ckin?
And humpin?, yo, let me tell you somthin?

Then I called the ho the wrong name
But I don?t give a f*ck cause it's just another dope dame
That bitch got shot with the bop gun
?Cause when I'm in the p*ssy it's a hit and run

This dick of mine is like an automobile
Crashin? in your p*ssy and I?m out to kill
I'm that nigga your mom's warned you about
Gimme the p*ssy and I'ma turn you out

I don?t eat p*ssy 'cause I ain?t with that
And if you got a p*ssy I'd like to hit that
I let a nun suck my dick if she wanted to
Take my dick out the mouth and then I'd really love to cum on you

Hit the p*ssy like a priest gone bad
I hold the dick that your girlfriend had
Bitches know me, bitches blow me
Bitches put they lips on my dick like a O.E.

Then take a big sip, then I nut on the lip
Back to the motherf*ckin? flow show
Esham's in the house tellin? you how the show go
Bitches get shot with the bop gun
?Cause when I'm in the p*ssy it's a hit and run

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Songwriter(s): Alvin Joiner, James Anthony Robinson, Eric Brooks, Ricardo D. Smith
Record Label(s): 2008 Aknu Media
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