Fuck A Lover Lyrics

I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas
I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas
I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas

I got an uzi that I sleep wit'
Peep it this ain't no secret
I'm ready to buck 'em down and street sweep shit
My uzi weighs a ton, I got no love for none
My rhymes the bloody ones, assassinated ya sons
No time to reconsider before you commit a murder dead
Soon as I hit, I seen the blood squirt out 'er head
I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas
f*ck a lover, she will discova anyway
That I will just stray like a bullet from a gun
When I pull it, never knew what I'ma do it
I'ma do it, ain't no savin' ya life, took ya Life Savers
Every crew wit' murder cravin' done flapped off just like the 'Raven'
Played 'em before I slayed 'em
These fake ass niggaz, I hate 'em
Just like cop'ers when they raiding, grab the AK then I sprayed 'em
Made 'em get on the floor then reload and K'ed 'em some more
Niggaz wanna kill me in my sleep, that's why I sleep wit' the uzi for

I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas
Ready to murder, so f*ck a lover [2x]

I got an uzi that I sleep wit' unda my covas
Buckin' they brotha
Takin' 'Natural Born Killas' from they mothas
Click and clack it, sit back nigga, watch me wack it
Blow off ya back and ya rhinestones outcha jacket
Snooze ya loose, gotta' 'buze you and Shoe's grippin' this Uz
Blowin' holes out they shoes, jump out the sandals Death wish, blow out the candles
I got an uzi wit' no grip or no f*ckin' handles
Just a barrel, Shoe straight like a f*ckin' sparrow
Straight through ya heart, stick some muthaf*ckin' arrow
Murder me man, murder a bitch, murder a gang, murder insane
Murderin' all for blood stains
Esham and Shoestring step in The D wit' the uzi
They tried to kill me but Boot won't let them niggaz do me
Plus Ghetto E got my back from any other
Annoyed like a muthaf*cka up under covers


I gotta tell you, Esham, you get more sleep than me
''cause I sleep wit' a glock, my TK, cameras, and a f*ckin' uzi
Plus I been diagnosed wit' bein a schizophrenic
So when I hit that ass and then croak these bitches panic
I'm up in your house, I'm here (Under ya covas)
When you hit (Under ya covas)
You gon' die (Under ya covas)
So if you wanna have some drink, well have some redrum
All you gotta do is f*ck me over and I'll give you some

[Ghetto E]
My uzi weighs a ton and my guns they won't jam for no one
My uzi's underneath my blankets bustin' 'till the day come
For murderous assertive you ain't heard from killas comin'
Raven look on my bed I see shadows of hearts strummin'
Watch porno movies wit' my uzi tucked under my sheets
I be cummin' every time I squeeze the trigga on my freak
Yes my uzi does a duty when she lays beside my waist
I can't sleep without an extra box of shells tucked inside my pillow case
My uzi


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