Real (attempts 1-3) Lyrics

attempt #1

Maybe I'll just say how it began
In the quiet of night, when the clouds ceased to rain
A baby was born in the infirmary
Its very existence when something that wasn't meant to be

Maybe his mother already knew
The doctors have told her that he won't pull through
She hoped they were wrong but felt it was true
(That sounds like fun!)
Maybe I'll try a different one

(It's not)
Going anywhere
(It's not)
Going anywhere
Let me start again
)let's start)
Let me start again
Let me...

Don't be afraid
Don't get angry
The story is there but it's still unclear
Where would it go?
Don't let it get you down
It's all in my mind you'll see
Don't be afraid
Don't get angry
The story is there in my head, I'll try this instead! Let's see....

attempt #2

Long ago but not far away from here
A sick old lay down on his death bed
Mumbling words that seem to make no sense
"I promised them that I'll try to open the door! Bring them back and change their faith!"

Weeks has passed and death knocked upon his door
"I'm not here" he said, trying to sound credible
"I was sent to take you many years ago"
Old Man:
"You didn't take me then and you can't take me now"
"That mistake I'll rectify"

Freeze time no one can stop destiny
Hold your breath lad I'll make sure you'll go through what was meant to be
Freeze time no one can stop destiny
Grab a sit now you're about to witness something that you have never seen in all (of) your life

Maybe I'll pick up where we've left
A little boy became a man
Cheating faith and destiny
It's not the way it was meant to be

attempt #3

Stand up, the child that cheated destiny
You were not suppose to be in here (yeah)
But it's not, not your fault

The path you tread is not paved yet
Think how limitless it just could be
And don't be scared of it all

Stand up, the child that cheated destiny
You can stop so many things from happening
Can create and destroy

The path your tread is not paved yet
He doesn't know of your existence
Does not see what you do

Help us all open the door
You're the one we've been waiting for
Help us all escape from these walls
Help us see the light of day

All of the souls that are lost
All the souls he had forgotten
Wait for you to open the doors

Maybe I'll just stop it here
Let you both sleep while I wonder
What ever happened to him?
And to all the promises he made to them
Did he send them all free?

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Record Label(s): 2010 Inside Out Music
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