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Werewolf Militia


Werewolf Militia Lyrics


Werewolf! Militia! [x4]
Hunger is the worst,
Got to quench my thirst,
Feel my body change,
My mind has gone deranged

A soldier's duty, A citizen's right
To choose a weapon and join the fight
To die by the gun or die by the knife
Protect your land, take a life!

Werewolf! Militia! [x4]

Time to take control,
Anger starts to boil
If I can't have blood, Guess I'll go for oil

When the moon is full I take command
Of a pack of troops that prowl the land
Take no prisoners is our strategy
Our survival means your casualties!

A movement underground
The goverment bloodhound
Hunting your next of kin
Campaign of doom begins

[mosh part]

Military forces march
By night to dig your graves
Works not done until we've won and made you
All our slaves
A hundred nation army
Could never hold us back
Steely claws and howling jaws kill while night is
Black, attack!

I feel the fury - Now I can see
Your frightened eyes
See the master in me
Capilastic! Cannibalistic! An army driven by

Hounds of hell lead the armies attack
Blood on the horizons flows
From red to black
Thirst for power's made
A monster of me
But there's no way I'd rather be

Hunt everyone one of you
And bring you down
Scour every mountain
'til your leader is found
Daisy cutters blow,
Caves are stuffed with bones
Dead or suicide is left in the catacombs...

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