So Far Lyrics

Mak[Intro]I own a mansion, but live in a houseA king-size bed, but I sleep on the couchI'm Mr.Brightside, glass is half fullBut my tank is half empty, gasket just blew[Verse 1]This always happens, 30 minutes from homeGotta lay a long cable and only option I have is McDonald's bathroomIn a public stall dropping a footballSo every time someone walks in the john like at Madden''Shady, what up?''- What? Come on, man, I'm crappingAnd you're asking me for my got damn autograph on a napkin?Oh, that's odd, I just happened to run out of tissueYeah, hand me that, on second thought I'd be glad then''Thanks, dawg, name's Todd, a big fan''I wiped my ass with it, crumbled it up in a wad and threw it back andTold him ''Todd, you're the shit'' when does all of this crap end?Can't park my [?] without causing an accidentPuff my gas, cut my grass, can't take out the f**king trashWithout someone passing through my sub harassingI'd count my blessings, but I suck at mathI'd rather wallow then bass suffering from succotashBut the antacid is my stomach gasI mix my corn with my f**king mashPotato, so what, ho, kiss my country bucking assMissouri Southern roots, what the f**k is upperclassCall lunch dinner, call dinner supperTupperware in a covered plastic wear up the assStuck in the past, iPod, what the f**k is that?B-boy to the core, mule, I'm a stubborn ass[Hook]Maybe that's why I feel so strangeGot it all, but I still won't changeMaybe that's why I can't leave DetroitIt's the motivation that keeps me goingThis is the inspiration I needI can never turn my back on a city that made me(Life's been good to me so far)[Verse 2]They call me classless, I heard that, I second and third thatDon't know what the f**k I would doing if it weren't rapProbably be a giant turd-sackBut I blew, never turned backTurned 40 and still sagTeenagers act more f**king mature, Jackf**k you gonna say to me?I leave on my own terms, asshole, I'm going berzerkMy nerves are bad, but I love the perks my work hasI get to meet famous people, look at her, dagHer nylons ran, her skirt snagAnd I heard she drag-races, *burp* swagf**king my Hanes shirt tagYou're Danica Patrick (yeah) work, skagWe'd be the perfect matchCause you're a vacuum, I'm a dirtbagMy apologies, no disrespect to technologyBut what the heck is all of these buttons?You expect me to sit here and learn that?f**k I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda?Be an expert at computers?I'd rather be an encyclopedia Britannica, hell with a PlaystationI'm still on my first manual from ZeldaNintendo, bitch, run, jump, punch, stab and I melt theMozzarella on my spaghetti, put in on breadMake a sandwich with welch's and belchThey say this spray butter is bad for my health, butI think there's more white trash from the trailer[?] welfare mentality helps toKeep me grounded, that's why I never take full advantage of wealth, IManaged to dwell within these parametersStill cramming the shelves full of hamburger helperI can't even help it, this is the hand I was dealt toCreature of habit, feel like I'm trapped in an animal shelterWith all these pet peevesGod dammit to hell, I can't stand all these kids with their camera cellphonesI can't go anywhere, I get so mad I can yell theOther day someone got little elaborate and stuck a f**king dead cat in my mailboxWent to Burger King, they spit on my onion ringsI think my karma is catching up with me[Hook][Bridge]Got friends on facebook, all over the worldNot sure what that means, they tell me it's goodSo I'm artist of the decade, I even got a plaqueI'd hang it up, but the frame is all cracked[Verse 3]I'm trying to be lowkey, hopefully nobody notices meIn produce hunched over, giant nosebleedOver stop as I mosey over to the frozen aisleBy the frozen yogurt this guy approached meEmbarrassed, I just did Comerica with HovaShow's over, I'm hiding in Kroeger buying groceriesHe just had front row seats, told me to sign this posterThen insults me ''wow, up close didn't know you had crow's feet''I'm at a crossroad lost till shopping at CostcoSloppy Joe's, buck wafflesGot caught picking my nose, ahLook over see these two hot hoesFinger still up in one of my nostrilsRight next to 'em stuck at the lightThis f**king shit is taking forever to changeI'm stuck, these bitches are loving it rubbing it inChuckling, couldn't do nothing, play it off''What you bumping? Trunk Muzik? Yelawolf's better'', f**king bitchThey want me to flip at the label, but I won't succumb to itThe pressure, they want me to follow up with another one after RecoveryWas so highly coveted, but what good is a f**king recovery if I fumble it?Cause I'mma drop the ball if I don't get to quitHopping on shrubbery on you sons of bitchesWrong subdivison to f**k with, bitchQuit snapping f**king pictures of my kidsI love my [?], but you push me to my limit, what a pityThe shit I complain aboutIt's like there ain't a butt in the sky and it's raining outKool Aid stain on the couch, I'd never get it outBitch, I got an elevator in my house[?] Ants and a mouse I'm living the dream

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Songwriter(s): Jesse BondsWeaver Jr, Joe Walsh, Marshall B. Iii Mathers
Record Label(s): 2013 Aftermath Records
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