New Era Lyrics

Came a lot us
I don't know what is life without
no preaching, just resting
I know

It's been a minute since I did it like this
fall in love with the flow I'ma trip,
you tricks in my sleeves like which one
this one, come and get some
if I said it then I minute, in a minute it will get done,
in it to win it I finish what they'll be done,
prime chops in a minute since pre-cups,
..let me see some road,
with a..the pretenders they're gonna be none,
no beginner, got my titties got like 3 hun
ball on ay 1, got a win D one, let a nigga let me know if you see one
it's just one of them days, uh when I feel like going off,
show the strong mean hold my balls, my TPG's make a fold the cars
let me slow it down, they don't know me then, they gonna know me now
tryin to make my dad and my mama proud,
grandma looking down on the chart know she smile,
I keep my path to the Lord but he knows he wild
do this other fake friends with the phony smile,
all these hoes, tryin to act as they know me now, hold me now,
hold the cowl, all the bullshits, all the fow, I can't take it,
in times I end up drinking, one time I end up fading,
no time for all this faking,
in time I said I'll make it,
there ain't no regret, that's a promise,
rest in peace Christoper Wylace
start and then understand more money, more problem,
hold the cups and no promise.

She got you realize in this change,
analyzing this game, huh,
you wanna know if they know your name,
she start to feel a little strange.
I was feeling the same,
I got a little buzz and got a little drink,
my nigga roll luck, blow a little gang,
hands up high, say what the f*ck do you think?
I'm getting high, off of this life,
getting right, hope it goes right.
get it high, off of this life,
get it right, hope it goes right.
get it high, off of this life,
get it by, hope it goes right.
get it high, off of this life,
get it by, hope it goes right.

I was reminiscent on the phone stress,
just with the kid I'll be gone blessing,
put the work in to a wrong profession
to my high head and niggas get a cold lesson,
time is money, got a second guessing
desperate weapon, coming for your neck, your indigestion
just swallow this pride, holla inside,
holla that name, follow that guy,
busy tryin to fit in, steady tryin to get out,
all before this dolls, god I'm tryin to pick out,
mine to them dig in, heart till them chill out
better got to get in, now we can't live without
the fame, the feeling of people knowing his name
and no one we're going to the storm or the storm with the rain,
close range is enough to make a nigga change lanes,
so close to aim at the tipple in bang
ashamed, knew we had so much going
grind of a hustler, pride of a podding
word to your mother that fired up,
pouring got the mind of a..never mid the heroics,
we won't say this life, we better act the..
we will make this life, never back away,
back from the key gray it's back to say,
hello here, goodbye to them acting days, hey,
that was me, little out me,
return of the black shit, little boat P
if you learn one thing, learn from me
don't be tricking on your wishes 'cause them hoes ain't cheat,
better polo flees, better get your hoe on the beat,
like a hoe on the street over toes on the feet and she close to the heat
strip the close to the feat now he holds a release he owes a..


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