The Elm City Assassin Intro Lyrics

This is it, all the suspense was buildin' up to this,
I can't slip with tension buildin', but I feel I got a grip,
I can't sit, concealin' up this illness when I'm sick,
Still sittin' in self-pity feelin' like shit,
But I persist spittin' even though I co-exist
With opposites who resist knowin' what this talent is,
But I stick to the script simply 'cause I'm itchin' to get in the biz,
Send 'em everythin' I'm pitchin', a hit or a miss,
Hidden as the sickest lyric spitter whos slicker than Rick,
Switch and assist lyricis, start re-livin' what's missed,
And give 'em lyrical hits beneficial for bliss
Where people never beef for publicity, epiphany this?
I mean pick any several different artists out from a list,
Give 'em a listen and they all say the same typical shit,
Yet with nonsense visible, they still manage to get
A salary with more than six digits and figure they sick,
But I'm slittin' they wrists when my skill slips through my lips
With a gift sendin' 'em seventy inches in to a ditch,
Can you dig it? If they dissin' I'm dismissin they click
'Cause they no competition with my position so riddle me this,
Why critics belittle me spittin? 'Cause I'm I'll and they pissed,
They throwin' fits, still tryin' to get rid of me quick,
In addition to supplyin' meaningful compositions,
I stay calm then react like a bomb after the final tick,
That's it, I'm switchin' sides like a Jekyl and Hyde,
A monster disguised behind gentleman eyes,
Sent to revive the game whether it's dead or alive,
Never settle 'til I'm the greatest and I don't say it, I just let 'em decide,
The medallions bright from the diamonds inside,
I slide through with a dime to my side when it's time to reside
In V.I.P., where the lounge is, with countless of my
Counterparts surroundin' me all around and they bound to be down to ride,
So if you clowns collide, you know it's goin' down inside,
I lay 'em down and slide and use my girl house as an alibi,
Go ahead and try to find somebody 'bout as fly,
You won't 'cause with my amount of pride, who knows what I'm bound to buy,
A couple new jays or a new chain, I can't decide,
See me poppin' tags while I'm coppin' what you fantasize,
And when I'm rhymin', every line is tight you can't deny it,
I shine and leave some spotlight on anyone I stand beside,
I'm tryin' to get signed, but I'm goin' out my mind,
So I might as well knock the ideas out of yours and make 'em mine,
'Cause I'm crazy, my style astounds cats,
I'll run up in your town fast and rob your bank in a clown mask,
Then bounce back in a day or two at the same bank,
Doing the same thing I did last time like déjà vu,
And still get away with it, better than your favorite,
I been away a minute, now I'm back sicker than an AIDS clinic,
Exchange digits with your chick, the game? I'm insane with it,
If your chains exquisite, you ain't goin' to remain with it,
More dangerous than the chick Akon was singin' 'bout,
I'm the best out and there ain't a thing to think about,
Give me a list with every artist out and their single now
And each of 'em could get singled out to have the worst single out,
Picture the game as the ocean, everyones just sailin' 'round,
I swim out, puncture their career and watch 'em sink and drown,
If there's any competition tell T.I. to bring 'em out,
Shout out the king of the south, pull out out your rag and swing it 'round,
These clowns 'bout as fly as a plane with no flight,
My chain frosted with ice like your car after a cold night,
My flow nice, I be spittin' what the pros like,
Back like the boxer's third chance after being KO'd twice,
Though I never left like a boxer who only throws rights,
I don't bark, I bite like Mike Tyson with no fight,
Light flashin' on the ice cause the effect of a strobe light,
They so right, eL2Bees the best out is what they tellin' me,
I never settle, so at my level they will never be,
Clever with the words, stay ahead of my enemies
Especially when my foots on the pedal and I cruise like Penelope,
Tea-kettle flow, I spew heat except through beats,
My crew creeps when we roll up like loose sleeves,
I'm in another class with the paper like loose-leaf,
Chop it up with your chick in fly kicks like Bruce Lee,
Luke speak so smoothly, never let the haters move me,
Lookin' mean while I'm all up in the scene like a movie,
If dudes want beef? The we pull up on 'em fast
If the dudes tryin' to eat? Then I put 'em on a fast,
Make 'em lose weight, try to escape, it's too late,
The stakes are too high for you, only I could choose fate,
I'm too great, just tryin' to earn my new place,
Tryin' to make room like a fat person in skinny jeans with no loose waist,
Never lose faith 'til I'm livin' the dream you chase,
So my whole state of minds on the grind like loose brakes
With no traction, so you know there's no slackin'
No relaxin', I cut a track so action packed
You hear it and act as if you getting' attacked and
You and raps a fatal attraction, a disaster waitin' to happen,
I'm a master at every craft I have with back to back passions,
So pass me the chance or I snatch it without askin', I'm not actin'
So I act as real as a car crash accident that you weren't expectin' to happen,
Like I spit whiplash and
I spaz like a serial rapper, killin' every track and
Click-Clack, I'm back, The Elm City Assassin

I don't think you'll ready, I'd like to welcome ya...
To the mind-frame of a... an assassin, so buckle up, next stop Disturbia...

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