Pocket Fulla Songz Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Ebony Eyez]
I gotta pocket fulla songz (I gotta pocket fulla songz)
I gotta pocket fulla songz (I gotta pocket fulla songz)
I gotta pocket fulla songz (I gotta pocket fulla songz)
I just can't leave this shit alone (I just can't leave this shit alone)

[Ebony Eyez:]
When I first started back in 1999
I used to have to hustle up some studio time
Me a nobody shit, naw that wasn't the case
But I took it world wide when I put my ass in they face
Straight out that gate I had that something for 'em right
Never half ass I'm a give it all I got
Been writin for a while got my rhymes stacked in piles
I got 'em like wow from my hundred different styles
And when they see me, wanna freebee I'm like nope
And you ain't buy my CD get the f**k away from me hoe
Soon as my shit hit it became an instant cut
And where ever I show up got the crowd going nuts
And yeah, you know I know you know that I'm the best
Fresh and that's why they stay mad at me I guess
But now they won't leave me alone
Cause they know I gotta whole pocket fulla songz


[Ebony Eyez:]
They bump that 7Day Cycle and it made the streets hot
All eyes on me you can see like I'm Pac
When I step up on the set, I bet you won't forget
I gotta f**kin flow for every letter of the alphabet
If you know a bitch meaner than I guess you better bring her
Can catch me at your nearest coliseum or arena
Just see the way they linger, cause they probably never seen her
Rap bitch servin them like Venus and Serena
Williams, I really am on my grind
So f**kin poetic should win the Pulitzer prize
Besides, see I ain't trippin off them songs that you take
I told you I got piles so it ain't nothing to make
A whole new batch from scratch, I need that dough
I'm sayin, I'm like the Wayans screamin, "Mo' money, mo'! "
I swear, I can't leave this alone
And that's the reason that I gotta whole pocket fulla songz


[Ebony Eyez:]
Should have my business boomin, and my products sellin fast
But it seems they only care about if you got a fat ass
I mean come on really, silly shit easy to sell
Female doing well, they gone make it hard as hell
See I do it for the love, I don't mind gettin that green
But some bitches trickin if you treatin like it's Halloween
My attitude mean cause I'm keeping my respect
Ain't writin another line for 'em unless he got my check
See I done paid my dues, time to put this shit in motion
And make it go smooth like some Aloe Vera lotion
So we can get the toastin' and living out our dreams
But first I got to build a Lady Lion dream team
And we gone make it happen, cause we do way more than rappin
So what I'm independent bitch, I bet I'm going platinum
With my million dollar paper, my million dollar pen
From the bottom to the top starting all over again

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