Swank Sinatra Lyrics (ft. Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez & Cj Fly)

That was between me and you
You think it should happen and not deserve it
Pullin on the pass and I'm in the lab working
Never spoke to god in the hood there's bad service
But I guess I got bars cause he sending em for certain
Swank to say, now critics ...
I'm just turning crowds into stadiums
Pounds I be blazin em
Haze when I listen to waves on the road
Searching for stones like jackie and jay
They shit fly unless I rock it
Hot like drop kicks and cockpits
...fly shit, holding chop sticks
Spit cheese with monsters, switching keys and botches
And picking ...but I still arch her
Yo dimes I got em, scop out through gotham
Living a dream, black like I'm gadick
I be the last spit topic, mixin toxin
Till the profit pockets profital, or till I get boxed in

T shirt from polo, the rebirth of yellow
If I'm tryina find a ... all I gotta do is ...
Schemin on the low, got me dreaming like a mogul
The humidity is killin me, I call that the o zone
Capital swank, finally had a cash up in the bank soon
So snakes wanna ask me if I'm great
Be laughing in your face
Cause rappers a mistake, when the entrees came in
Almost had me in mistake

This hip hop with a fly affai
You'd be dead if you lie still
It's all about what you choose to do
By still, that niggas like grim reapers they soul take us black...
Put you to sleep then you won't wake up
I mean you can go from wave rooms to waiting rooms
We all occur, ... so make your move now
Now achin fools, I just say the truth
Gonna be a vacant tomb if you break the rules

My gift is my curse, if I lift then I burst
But f**k arms I do it with harm and I'm kickin a verse
I heard niggas went missing where the dirt is
What the surf is, what you mean I ain't earned this
They asked for my service, I'm ocean in this flow
Caught a wave now he's surfin
But nodes these demons and serpents been lurkin
It's urgent, still rebel f**k school burn shit

Till I'm die from an overdose, of the dopeness I'm flying higher
Flying above the coast and just scropin to getting wiser
I am a product of this box we call pop culture
Afraid of ... bringing out collaps closer
Batman in this rap scheme, they gas over
Spit facts over these track
Stay on my grind cause I know time slow
Puffin that last smoke
But time don't

Wait you causin quakes when you movin plates
Illuminate, eliminate, got me thinkin that it's the same
Won't let her flow like mine, never slip through the drain
Cause I'm fit for they game, watch me shift through the blades
The rap mobster boss is popping off, if times evolve
Shock...droppin jaws, now they trap is off
Eatins lot of sauce, stoppin dog, I'm above the law
Let em all, weapons drawn, it's the thug of war
As I get turn closer, as l's turn to clips
Clips turn to roaches and those turn to ball hits
Oh shit, looks like we getting higher again
That's another gram of fire, right to my diafragm
I blaze a dutch then I play the cut
You be on the wall posted up, tryina make you cough
Groupies on my arm just to prove that we swank enough
Let me see you take a puff while I break it up.

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Record Label(s): 2013 warner bros
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