Drowsy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mojo]
A soup cup full of syrup will suffice
To get nice and oversleep work over twice
Still unemployed, annoyed, enjoyed it while it lasted
Slumped at my desk, plastered
Clever crafted, mind scholastic
Burnt out by the plastic jars of good green
Why you laughin'?
Damn, head hurtin'
Pain from the sun
Pull the curtain
'TilI'm back in my bed to fall out for certain

[Verse 2: Rheturik]
Hit with a ton of bricks
Fingertips still sticky with hemp
Bent up, spent up, end over end
I'm swimming in sweat, flushed
Frantically racking my stem
Struggling to recall last night's events
Ash-white chapped lips
Body in need of liquid
Specifically citrus
Hock a lougie
Spit is viscous
Maybe all I need is a big breakfast
Yo, someone hook up the bacon, egg, grits, and biscuits
With the quickness

It's the rhythm of the walk
Precision of the talk
It's Dujeous, re-definition of the sport
We represent New York
You're hesitant to talk
Can't blame you [repeat]

[Verse 3: Mojo]
I sip sound
I drift down
Spliff OEround
Tuned to the town
Brights out, all right now
Think with the lights out
Sink where the seat's at
Freeze where the heat's at
Damn, did I beat that?
Boots, where my feets at
Shoes, do I need that?
Booze did I eat that? Shit...
Time to snow to where I gotta go
When I am here, good
There? No
Now spin this
Same one I seen
Make frame for me and space out in between
Now easy now, easy now
Tums a' cold-crushed
Bad butterflies at both sides that won't hush
Vomit and kush
Snot for days
Stop the maze
Race for the bowl facing the throne
Break for the nose, waste in the bowl?
Wasted no clothes
(What it look like? !)
Don't wanna know

[Chorus x2]

I know you're drowsy
But there is no drowsiness
I know you feelin' lousy
You're just sick [x8]

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