Rescue 911 Lyrics

Walkin down the street watchin ladies
All nighy watchin me was the housing authority, task, and OPD
It's rainin it's porin, do it 2-4 no snorin
Posted on the spot with the glock cuz we warrant
I'm soarin to the top of the deck
Ace in the hole on the grind gigity grind no time fo chasin hoes
Dope fiends love me, come to the spot pushin a buggy filled with kids
"Who got that cola man can you plug me?"
The slugs be on fat but was that a Cadillac
I'm not gun proof some nigga out the sunroof bustin caps
I'm strikin to the bushes but didn't quite make it
They thought it, brakin and takin my shit without my grip I'm naked
I hate it, got smacked across the face wit a sawed off
They roped me up choked me up now I'm hauled off
Wit pumpkin head locked in the trunk
I'm havin flashbacks cuz all I heard was glass packs and hella bump

[phone rings]

[C&H] man get the phone man
[Dru] nigga there some knock at the door
[C&H] get the phone
[Dru] I got the phone I got the phone
[C&H] get the door get the phone foo I'm getting some head
[Dru] wassup nigga?
[Kidnapper] where that nigga C&H at?
[Dru] who da f*ck is this nigga, I knoe where C&H at who is dis
[Kidnapper] don't worry bout that I got yo boy yukmouth
[C&H] who on the phone who on the phone
[Dru] ay they got yuk mayn, check this out playa, I want my boy
let me speak to my boy right now nigga wassup
[Kidnapper] here he go right here nigga speak quick
[Dru] hello, wassup nigga

[Yuk] I slipped, they got the 4 wit the 9's loaded
[Dru] where you at nigga
[Yuk] don't know where the f*ck I am cuz I'm blindfolded
survived these last 3 days lucky, but now hurry
cuz they talkin bout getting this bitch wit AIDS ta f*ck me
[Dru] what they hollarin

they want a hundred thou ya feel
make it snap because I think these fools will cap me on the real
I'm hangin naked on the crucifix
With a swoll ass lip and theyz bout to let loose the bitch
Right after me and Ana bone
They gonna tie me to a car and drag my ass like Indian Jones/ GONE

gimme the damn phone, give me that muthaf*ckin phone nigga
now ya better get the money nigga cuz I ain't playin

[Dru] damn
[C&H] man wassup man
[Dru] man, man, man get the muthaf*ckin gats C
nigga they got yiznuk nigga
[C&H] nigga I got the gats what they hollarin

[Dru Down]
they want a hundred thousand dollars at the door
and I jus had ta said they got chrome 44'z
and niggas ain't playin they wanna grip they wanna get played
numskull my nigga they bout to have yukmouth f*ck a bitch wit AIDS
oh shiet I grab the vest, the 38, the 44, a 45, mac 10, and ak-47
and get strapped like a solja
when I rescue my nigga I won't kill em ima torture them
cuz now it's strictly funnin and gunnin see
you kiznapped my patna yiznukmouth and want some gizneez from me
but no way in the world a would you get that
numskull got the giznat, I want my patna biznack
we hopped into the 4 door 400 floor shift
I gotta have the posi with a chip jus incase we slip
And be outty on that asshole, f*ck the po-po
I'm thinkin bout my patna wit the 911 code
I'm commin thru yo back door, I feelin no sympathy
The only thing you get from me is H-E-A-T I'm puttin it in yo pants
I'm makin ya do the dance

[C&H] where dem niggas man, get the phone man
[phone rings]
[Dru] hold on man
[C&H] get the phone man it might be them niggas on the phone
answer that playa
[Dru] hold on man
[phone rings]
[C&H] answer that phone it might be them niggas
[Dru] hold up hold up

dru, don't pay these fools cuz they might slip
but hurry up before they squeeze my nuts wit vice grips
they wanna have my ass hauled off
until my heads a sawed off
and that bitch wit AIDS is takin her drawers off
call off scratch cuz they fuedin for the bundle,
what's tryin to swundle
what fo we shit no mumbo jumbo
the dumb hoe was trippin so I might not have to dick the cock
cuz the clique suppose break her off the 50 rock
and she knows that I know that you know
it's like a big ass drought in the O, so f*ck that hoe
they really tryin ta pump fear and shit
got that bitch lookin like Ethiopian of the year and shit
I straight escaped cuz they straight got funk
I'm in the front drawing down on each other wit mosberg pumps
I socked the bitch then tied her up, they left the glock in here
Can't do shit wit it cuz they left a nigga locked in here

[Dru] jump out the window

man if I do it's my doom, I'm at the tribune
12 stories up in a vacant room
so what the f*ck is up, they commin up wit some more niggas
I'm at the door about to go trigga
Happy, my nigga back me
On the quick fast in a hurry like snappy before they cap me
Don't trip cuz I got 4 clips and a grenade
But bring some more shit because they might be hard to fade

[Dru] Neva, I'm comin for yo ass wit the triggas
I'd neva leave ya hangin on the crucifix my nigga
[Yuk] ay ay ay I gotta go man

[Dru Down]
ay hold on man, God damn
It seems that people always wanna test my real folks
And end up getting smiznoked
I'm finally startin to get sick like Jason
No patience, I needa save my folks he's in the waitin
Probably spooked on the funk wit no parachute
He's willin to jump off the top of the tribune
But no need fo that we commin up elevator strapped bazooka on my back
I'm lyin on the floor prepared for caps
Dru Down, the elevator opens I'm so high
We're lightin up the place like the 4th of july
I yelled Yuk where ya at Yuk where ya at
He came runnin wit the gat and said them niggas dead in the back
I said where da hoe go niggaroe
He said I killed the bitch first for tryin to jump on my bone BITCH
And everything is alright
I know your nervous so let me put bud in a pipe right
And lets get into some more shit, some deep shit
Lets burn the dead niggas and the dead bitch
Cuz I could give a f*ck less to what happens now
I'm ready to burn the whole muthaf*ckin buildin down
But I'm not goin out I'm jettin from the murda scene
So yuk either grab the zooka or the m-16
Because my arms is getting tired from weight
I wanna get back to the spot and smoke some dank
Check it out we hopped into the big block chevy
And if somebody ran up oh we was ready
But for a souvenir I cut off tongues
Ridin off safe on the freeway to some hoes house that's sprung

[engine ridin]

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Record Label(s): 1994 Pimp On Records
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