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Shit On Me Lyrics

(Daddy let me hear that song)

Uhh, West coast, this Watts
We the roll, Dro, uhh..
Uhh, touch, Demolition Man
Driga-Demolition, D-Dema, Demolition Man

Hi, my name is, Driggy-Dro
Not from Niagara Falls but got flows
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Touch made y'all "Lean Back" like Fat Joe
Pay me respects like you owe
Or play Jada Pinkett, act like you know
Rocky Mountains, I'm so cold
For rap I don't touch mo' shit than a commode
Plus I spuh-spit for all those
Gangsta niggaz the West coast
Peace to Guerilla Black, my folks
We keep in contact like we smoke
I ain't Martin Lawrence but got jokes
Feds be watchin me, he's dope
Watts got drama like the soaps
Plus the party jumps with no ropes

[Chorus: Dro]
You think I'ma let, I'ma let, I'ma let
I'ma let, I'ma let you shit on me? (Hell nah)
I'ma let you shit on me? (Nigga what?)
I'ma let you shit on me?
You think I'ma let, I'ma let, I'ma let
I'ma let, I'ma let you shit on me? (Hell no)
I'ma let you shit on me? (Nigga what?)
You think I'ma let you shit on me?

Rob niggaz for they sounds
Act like we in the bank and get down
Cook up words like compounds
I keep keep keep some powder, I'm snowed out
And niggaz you can tuck your stress cause Dro's out
And don't give a {f*ck} I'm fightin the whole bout
I'm Dirty like the We.. the low South
Plus we be gettin mo' Skully than X-Files
One bitch chased the limo for 8 miles
And we..we.. high as hell like P Styles
And gi-girls these days they goin wild
Omar, I got juice, too much clout
Soon as you pop your trunk, my hood's out
Closed.. casket, or closed mouth
Dro gon' pack the stands, bless the house
Play this at your neighborhood church, they fallin out


I came in this like, broke but dyin wealthy
Nope didn't do it alone cause God helped me
Seen the world like _Van Helsing_
Man on fire, the track's melting
Can't keep your hands to yourself cause y'all felt me
Hamburger all of these rappers with no helpings
Grizzly winter, ooh y'all slept me
Came with a New Generation, like Pepsi
Yep yep you hear? I'm so deafening
Dro is the name to love, so start stepping
On.. on.. on, get it from my weapons
2Pac, 101, I'm giving lessons
... NBA, we the next team
I.. live this shit, while the rest dream
One, two to the.. three nigga testing
God nigga have a good night, with Russell's blessings


(Oooh daddy that's wrong)

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Songwriter(s): lamarr house, tony isaac, tony issac

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