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Champagne Of Rap
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
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Champagne Of Rap Lyrics

Why don't we pop the cork, let's make a toast
To the kid that are rockin' from coast to coast
Yes the cosmic style, the fellas with flare
And you're liable to see us anywhere!
We could be runnin' through the airport to catch a flight
So if you see us in your city baby later tonight
I'm talking fans screaming at our sight
And they're pushin' and shovin' and gettin' into fights
And to make sure that we arrive on time
We got limousine service at the drop of a dime
The valets they jump at the pop of a finger
Good lookin' women they always linger
Around the club they wanna be down
Huh, when me and Mr. Hyde come to their town
'Cause in lights in the marquee right outside
And it says Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde!
And we're the...

Champagne of rap! (No doubt about that!)
Champagne of rap! (Pop the cork, pop the cork, pop it!)
Champagne of rap! (Haha, babydoll quit that!)
Champagne of rap! Champagne of rap! (Check this out!)

[?] this rap thing will never end
We got to treat it just like businessmen
We got computers, telex, and cellular phones
We even got security in front of our homes
We got lawyers, accountants workin' night and day (Why!)
'Cause babydoll, we gotta get paid!
There's decisions to make, and chances to take
And our whole careers could be at stake
Now we're the future [?] rappin' MC
With a million-dollar life insurance policy
Got [?] places to go and people to meet
And if we don't perform, forty people won't eat
From Canada down to Delaware
We gettin' money babydoll from everywhere
And while the bum MCs are eatin' their Wheaties
I'm tradin' my Benz for a Lambourghini!

Champagne of rap! (Haha, no doubt about that!)
Champagne of rap! (Pop the cork, pop the cork, pop it!)
Champagne of rap! (Babydoll we're back)
Champagne of rap! Champagne of rap! (Breakdown!)

Hey doctor, let's go shoppin' baby!
Well everybody in the house follow me
I'm gonna take you baby on a shoppin' spree
But no cheap second-hand bargain basement apparel
Not for Alonzo Brown, or Andre Harrell
Now this my friends is just the beginning
I wear lizards, leathers, silks and linens
To all you bum MCs who think you're fly
Let me tell you what it's like being Jeckyll & Hyde
We are the kings of Rodeo Drive
Rappin' is our nine to five
Rolex is time we keep
With Bally lizards on our feet
I'm talkin' diamonds blaring against the wall
And pastel colors but that's not at all
But before we rock the microphone
We splash on $200-ounce cologne!
We go out for a night on the town
The whole wide world is our playground
Because this star-studded life we lead
Hey, I know a lotta people who'd love to be
Down with our jet-set crew
Doin' all the things we do
They could be chillin' at the best of places
Maxin' with the freshest faces
Champagne is sittin' on our table, why!
'Cause babydoll we are able
To afford it, export it 'cause we're gettin' paid!
But that's not all we've got to say
There's women screaming at our feet
While Galaxy rocks the funky beat
And when I look in the mirror with a real hard stare
I see 3 young, upcoming millionaires
'Cause we're the...

Champagne of rap! (No doubt about that!)
Champagne of rap! (Pop the cork, pop the cork, pop it!)
Champagne of rap! (Whoo, babydoll we're back!)
Champagne of rap! Champagne of rap!

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Songwriter(s): George Galaxy Llado, Dr. Jeckyll amp Mr. Hyde
Record Label(s): 1985 Sony Music Entertainment
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