Got To Hustle Lyrics

[Hook: Butch Cassidy]
Get your hustle on
Gettin' money just can't be wrong
If you feel me, get your party on
Make it happen, don't wait too long
Do the hustle (Hustle)
Do the hustle (Hustle)
Do the hustle (Hustle)
Do the hustle (Hustle)

[Chorus: Butch Cassidy]
I'm on the grind like day and night
Step in my way, I'm taking flight
Hustlin's the pain I'll do for life
Me and my dawgs, we do it right
I'll kick down the door, gimme mines and more
Just won't stop, cause I need it all
The heinas that I roll it, they even ball
I don't care how you get it, girl, bring it when I'm

[Verse 1: Down]
I'm a boss
Like the homie Snoop Dogg, yeah, I Paid Tha Cost
I been hustlin since way, way back
I used to be broke, and I'm never going back (Yeah)
Now I'm doin' big thangs, big chains, big rings
I'm a brown king, girl's down to do anything (Anything?)
Five cellphones blowin' up
You know my name, Ese Down, yeah I'm blowin' up
Don't hate
I know you could do it too
If you hustle and work, you better find somethin' new
Don't sleep
Cause the game don't wait
You could hustle in a circle, so you better keep straight
And I work for myself, work hard for my wealth
You could see, for yourself, see, you jockin' my wealth
If you hustle hard, you could get it
But if you tryin' to take mine
Got the heat, so forget it, fool
Y [? ]


[Verse 2: Flakiss]
I'm a queen
Everybody looks when I step on the scene
I got the magic touch, when I hustle
Everything turns green, I play the game mean
Dame, besos, they chasing queso
Break bone with the homie, shoot when I say so
They don't like to see a heina with some poder (No)
They don't like how I make the money volver
Now ladies, we could do it too
Homie, why you trippin', we be taking care of you
Heatin' better if you gotta hustle hard, man
To add it up, multiply, grand after grand, I'm
Hot, got my game up
Hot, build my name up
Homegirl, you better wake up
Know you want nice thing, know you want nice dreams
So ponte a trabajarte
Y [? ]



[Butch Cassidy:] The hustle
[Down:] Keep it movin', don't stop
[Butch Cassidy:] The hustle
[Down:] Go and open up shop
[Butch Cassidy:] The hustle
[Down:] Build ya name up, homie
[Butch Cassidy:] The hustle
[Flakiss:] Step your game up, homie
[Down:] First you get the feria, then you get the poder
[Flakiss:] Then you get the heinas, es lo que es
[Down:] Get your hustle on
[Flakiss:] Get your hustle on
[Down:] Get your hustle on
[Down & Flakiss:] Homie, get your hustle on


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Record Label(s): 2007 Silent Giant Entertainment

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