Im On One Lyrics

Semi-Automatic weapon tucked
Extended clip for extra luck
Fire hoes. Unload, and Wet 'em up
I wouldn't stoop to your level even to help you up
I such a stand-up guy, I can't kneel or duck
I'm like a motherf*cking Nun. I never give a f*ck
Stressed out. Using money as a pick-me-up
Jaylin's sipping on success from his sippy-cup
No pity for a G. You niggas pitiful
I'm still chasing fast money just to feel the rush
Prison time hurt. Peroxide couldn't heel the cuts
Beside 25 to life, we ain't fearing much
Life's a bitch, and the f*cking justice system sucks
A black president's the only thing they've given us
I walk in the door getting my picture took
Niggas frown up at me while their bitches blush
I'm addicted to the paper. I can't get enough
How'd I get this motherf*cking fly without beaming up?
Them niggas mad. The f*ck's that supposed to mean to us?
f*ck 'em if them bitches ain't bringing bucks
Cause I don't care about nothing but my money and my son
And I never go nowhere without a condom and a gun
And I take your baby-momma, and I f*ck her 'till she cums
f*ck her 'till she runs. Said, I f*ck her 'til she thinks that
I'm on something
Said, I f*ck her 'til she think she belongs to me
That's until she falls asleep, then I'm gone honey
I said now it's time to eat, so I'm gone hunting
Buddy I've got more connects than a phone company
Oh no I don't miss a cent
I stand still and flip a brick
I make too much grip to quit
And my phone jumping
Sorry. All I'm trying to get is that long money
And even God himself couldn't get a loan from me
He turned water into wine
And pistol in your face will turn your dollars into mine
I'm alittle dyslexic. All I read is Dollar signs
And I've got 40-something watches, but I've never got the time
So better than y'all, but I'm so not in my prime
And I will drop all of my dollars 'fore I ever drop a dime
2009 until beyond. With a mask over my eye, about to rob the game blind
Fresh up out the jungle. King Kong has arrived
And I come to sell grapes to a f*cking grape vine
Feeling extinct. Last of my kind
Hustle hard. I bet I could sell paint while it's drying
Air Jordan's. Lace 'em up and start flying
And respond to 1,000 tweets in the mean-time
Made of gold, still chasing green guys
Never break a sweat, like the guy selling bean-pies
It's motherf*ck everything but money and my son
And you'll never catch me out without a condom and a gun
I buy everything in sight, and I don't wear that shit but once
And my baby's stomach hurts because I only feed him junk
But I'm grown honey
That's right. I do what I want, when I want homie
I can blow every single dime that belongs to me
I might just go pay Drake to come sing this song for me
Yea, I'm smart enough to know something's wrong with me
At least I'd admit that shit
My flow crazy. Admit that shit
Not even I can predict that shit
But I'm stoned, stunting
I'm so thorough they say it's like I be on something
I'm from the trap, so I know I never own nothing
Howdy baby how ya drrrrrrin'
How bout we vacate and have some shrrrrrrin'
Girl he crazy. Come and cure him
We can crash. Hope you got insurance
Baby don't worry. I got endurance
I hit the river. Set sail like a clearance
Oh yea he's a threat to anything that goes near him
And he keeps it all honest like he drank the truth serum
'Couple stacks to hear him. More for an appearance
We be chasing money. Y'all out running errands
I'm flyer than a parrot. Proud to be a parent
Afraid of being married. Terrified of sharing
They say they gonna hurt me? Well I double-dog-dare 'em
Boy them bullets move faster, than a McLaren
It don't matter if it's clean, long as I earned it
This is thorough. The green burn. Go 'head give the beat an urn
Cause I don't care about shit but my money and my Son
And I don't go to sleep without a condom and a gun
And I'm so ready for a war: Vietnam; Desert Storm;
Battle of Hiroshima. Mr. Drip Drop Bombs
And I'm on something
That's right bitch I'm on something
You might think that I'm on something
And I'm gone from it
I've f*cked up a couple times. Whatever
I'm not perfect. That's what makes me perfect
"Help Is On the Way" is on the way

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