69 Lyrics

Chorus: repeat 2X

One of them one 69,
One of them one 69 (sixty-nine),
One of them one 69,
One of them one 69 (sixty-nine)

[First Verse]
I like chocolate cakes,
The fries with the shakes,
Do anything to get'cha wet like a lake,
Aphrodesiac like Xuxa,
When I got some TLC, thick legs and coochie,
Run in your daughter, don't tell Daddy,
I wanna sex you up like Color Me Badd,
So chicks throw out'cha booty I'ma warm it on up,
I'll serve the cuts until she gets enough,
Ten toes up, ten toes down,
Doggystyle, like you'z a grayhound,
Can I make you walk in the dark, on a table?
Lick you up, up and around, to your navel,
Put the pressure on you and I ain't gone stop,
Until it's like Rice Crispies, snap, crackle, and pop,
Aw, until the rifleman shoots the gun,
Sixty-nine ways to hit it, now choose one


[Second Verse]
Well if I want it I'm gone hit, split it,
So you won't forget it,
Slick it, lick it,
Trick it before I dick it,
Nine, years comin' pound for pound,
While I'm reachin' for your liver,
You comin' like a river,
And as your body quivers,
I touch it so it shivers,
Like Domino pizza, the diggady delivers,
Put'cha glasses on cuz I want'cha to see,
If I do you, then you gotta do me,
So unlock your tongue, nibble on the kibble,
Deep throat the goat, and the balls you could dribble,
Ooh it feels great like frosted flakes,
And if you into nutrition then taste the milk shake,
And as I grit my teeth, it's goin' down,
If you fine, then it's time for second round,
And we can handle this from the dark to the sun,
Sixty-nine ways to hit it, now choose one


[Third Verse]
You heard of Doggystyle? Well I'ma do it Froggystyle,
Bet'cha go buckwild, ooh,
When I hit it like a highway,
Past the speed limit, bumpin', yeah that's my way,
Turn it on, make it hot, like a heat lamp,
And slow it down, like I'm comin' off that off ramp,
I know you feels that, sugar Daddy treats the meats,
That meets the U.S.D.A. approval,
And I pumps it like fuel,
Unleaded, straight cope aestetic,
Vegetarian beef with good credit,
Give me the nuuke, nuuke,
And the shuke, shuke,
Taste the butterfinger and I'll eat the cookies,
If you'z a ten, then you might need ice,
To sit your ass in it when I'm done with the pipe,
Stays in the rear, but I'm second to none,
Sixty-nine ways to hit it now choose one,

Chorus (2x)

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