Dat Doesia Shit Lyrics

I'm just chillin' bein' ah gee about the game
Suckas playa hate cuz Young Ren is catchin' fame
Recognize I am that gee that's on the rise
Next thing you know it's your dead bodies catchin' flies
Hella dead with two big hot one's in the head
No murder weapon cuz the killa fled
Murderer I am that killa on the loose
Pants on sag my clik is sucka proof
Eat a dick if you is jealous of my clik
Doja shit got playa hatas on da dick
Sucka free real g's be cool wit me
Rip two da geez that's six feet deep
209 is where my dungeons at
Stockton city is where I'm peelin' caps
Who ride a motherf**kero
Doja clik straight hustlas on the go

That doja shit that's on hit

Comin' up in this game and gettn' much respect
Hatas talk on the jock
Now who's the one in check?
Dank n drank in my blood and everythings alright
Makin' snaps doin' these raps and mostly when I'm high
Thinkin' bout days I've lived and how shit came to be
All done changed from them days cuz now it's worse you see
Stay up fool it's all good that's what I tell my folks
Tryin' to survive stay alive hard times it ain't no joke
In the city ain't no pity for a f**k up slip 24/7 all the time
On my toes I tip
When I tweek devils speak in a chine unique
Fighting black angels tryin' to take me in my f**king sleep
Now you might say I'm crazy cuz in my mind you'll find
The type of life that's givin' brought up livin' in the 2-0-9
Makin' mail on a sale and now I gotta bail
Don't believe ask you bitch I know that trick will tell

Too many bustas on the dick now we used to be t x g
But now you see it's doja shit for l-i-f-e
Triple x Gangstaz is a old thang
We caught fame but now
I'm straight serious about the game
Simple and plane gotta make a come up quick
Antidote where's the joint light up the splif
Let's go see Marc Chambers the muthaf**kin' fat one
Go to Pats Liqours and get a 6 fo'
I want to get perbed to da curb straight up to towe
The f**kin' flo' until I want no mo'
Help me to the front door
I want to drunk until I can't stand no mo'
And that's the doja shit that's on hit
Everyday, Doja Clik forever takin' trips to the bay
To show my tape, I can't come fake like a bitch
Let it be known it's that doja shit that's on hit

That doja shit is on hit
Let it be known (huh)
That doja shit is on hit (yeah)
What's up to the motherf**kers that's down
You know what I'm sayin'
Antidote, Little Man, Mac Nasty, Mac motherf**kin' one, motherf**kin'
you know
Um shit, f**k it
Fight it maybe is I fogot your motherf**kin' ass
Oh yeah what's up to Wizard motherf**kin' One
In the house (biatch)

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