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Keep Your Head Up
Doggy's Angels


Keep Your Head Up Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kola]
Let me go back,relflex scenario's of livin the life
Circumstances that it hances times of struggle and strife
Realizin what's the key to the game
But seven deadly sins commince the huver over and rain
1976 shovelin shit for eleven
A beautiful black queen until birth I was givin
No man no plan circumstances still repeat
To beat the poverty and deceit you must cheat
Exposed to worldly things what brings settleness it seems
But in the end loneliness and heartache controls the scene
Baggy jeans and t-shirt plus my feet hurt
Tryna get off some work, baby daddy is a squirt
Homie's tellin me to ride but my son comes first
Single mother on the struggle so I'm puttin in work
Time to focus on my life cause I'm livin in sync
Sufferin in this world we in,end

[Chorus: Kokane]
It's not the way I planned it,naw
This life we livin sometimes ain't fair
Keep your head up you'll make it, yeah
If at times you feel your nobody
Just reach inside I know you can achieve

[Verse 2: Conyiac]
Sometimes devilish thoughts seems to journey threw my mental
Bad intensions purposely and mistakes can be accidental
Some decisions made that I regret and can't deny it
Life's about chance takin,I'm neck breakin just to try it
My toe in the door smash right now I done stepped in
Miscommuncatin took the lead(what I got myself in?)
You the???? in the beginning as usual always
Then it escalate to the conflict and brawl stage
The wrong page of the book that had my heart shook
Now I read it closer to the end and took my last look
Mind thinkin detects," I can't get another job"
But hard feelins it won't be the same I love only one
Even though it hurts, I move in right treatment mandetel
He learn from you from the next(got my game tight up for me)
It's all good, shake and peace, catch you in traffic on the streets
Somethin plan to happen, i'm over it done beat the heat


[Verse 3: Big Chan]
I gotta question, why all the real nigga's get killed?
And leave these busta's on these streets, meet up at Swat Meet's
We concrete slaves, and now you got beef?
Face to face wit gang banger's, Dogg Angels, we street politicer's
Consider us bitch nigga killa's
I low ride, I smoke, I take a look at my life
It's my life, I pull out, so say goodbye to this life
It's too short, so f*ck friends, i'm countin on these dead president's
To win and get in, it's all in connectin
Dividin, we ridin, Mr.Colene present's the West Coast Donna's
Upsettin MC's, pop the collar's on ya baby mama's
Millenium rider's, eastsidaz, westsidaz
So won't you stay wit me, stay wit me
We loosin too many homie's it's goin down constanlly, constanlly
We drop that bomb shit, that next level shit

West Coast
Doggy's Angels
Kurupt Young Gotti
Givin it up for the millenium
2K, uh, YG2K
And we gon do it like this
Ride to this, pop it
Zee zee!

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