Decisions Decisions Lyrics

[Doc Brown:]
Never was a G, never wanted to be, I did me from my very first steps
When my mother regretted my first breath
Was taught respect, kalma and drama was worthless
Heard death hung over my shoulder to cerb stress
Rest my head upon my old dears chest
Perplexed cause we couldn't live forever I step through the perspects
Windows of my father's car
Places far from far away, basically chasin' stars
Facin' hardships, started lacin' bars, achin' hearts
Like the song said, came this far and can't stop now but watch how
Before I became Doc Brown I was a timebomb tickin' the clock down, tick-tock bloaw
Without knowin' what you wanna do
You can fall victim to your depression when nothin' else seem to follow through
It hit like cancer thanks to the pull of the street
Each week another young one gone thought he was gangster
In fact I was surely mistaken
Tradgic waste of life, and the predjusdices sayin', "of cause, he's Jamaican"
Waitin' for danger, ain't happenin' any time soon
East mad West, this world just like high noon
My truth blow fruitons just like typhoon
Tear roof off a ya mind, like Busta Rhymes' tune
I move usin' the force of avalanches
Speakin' on behalf of kids who never had the chance

[Chorus: Doc Brown]
It's time, look myself in my eyes
If I die in the next 24 am I happy with my life
There's lots to lose, even more to give
But I got to choose how I aught to live
So take time, look yourself in ya eyes
If you die in the next 24 are you happy with your life
There's lots to lose, even more to give
But you got to choose how you aught to live

[Doc Brown:]
They say if you ain't a cause to die for
Then you ain't got a reason to live and that's true but you ain't Guy Forkes
Pick your cause wisely, guys wanna burn at the state
For prize sake, livin' life at a high speed
Mikey, gat from the flashest of the high street
Nineteen, rollin' with olders who love fightin'
Elder dudes say to the younger, "to join my team
You gotta be grimy, you gotta be sheisty"
Usually Mike would be too afraid, but this week
feels low, no self esteem and loves the mischief
Shits deep, blood in a second it takes to blink an eye
Decisions on livin' can switch an be givin' prison time
Cap down, pull out a browns, strike a match stick
Mike's badness is a true right of passage
That handbag bitch don't f**k about, knock around blood
P-64 hit the floor
But he didn't look before he went runnin' across the tarmat
Car crashed, smack and Mikey ain't comin' back
That old woman touched his neck, he didn't budge
Life sentance given him straight without a grudge
Now ask yourself, was he a victim of circumstances?
Or was he guilty of his flirtation and romance with
elements that had more power than him?
If you want a happy endin' then know how to begin

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: Doc Brown]
Now tell me what do you believe in
Truth, lyin' or thievin'
Undercover of evenin'
What is it you got in you? Winner or sinner
Surrender your inner demons

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