I Wanna Get High With Da Blanksta Lyrics

"gonna get high wit tha blanksta [x2]

[point blank]
Psk scooped me up now it's time to roll
creepin through south park on tha beamer patrol
I got tha ho's in tha wind
jus lost my beeper at tha fleet
damn,f**k it I guess no of my ho's won't be pagin me
but its friday and I'm tight tryin to find some more drugs

[Big moe]
blank lets paint tha town red

[point blank]
man they be hatin me at the club
so im a roll with the click, cause they might get in some shit
anotha night anotha fight, especially f**kin round wit this sight
its all good cause I'm down for whatever and I mean it
for tha ones who don't know it ask the ones who done seen it
you respect me ima respect you thats that ain't nuttin new
black and reds tha set I claim
I even got hommies thats down for blue
so watch your self in tha zone when its time to get it on
tha Blanksta in tha house creepin on tha come up like bone
If you wanna get blown, don't be scared to scream
cause everyone in tha parkin' lot be askin me

[chorus x2]
"I wanna get high wit tha blanksta please
Just chill and hit tha sweet young g's
we jus blowin big killa wit tha niggaz
oh yeah blowin big killa wit my niggaz

[point blank]
"after tha club whats ta hap?
stop ta go and rob tha japs
bitches jammed in tha car I even had two ho's on my lap
blowin big, takin swigs, drinkin surb, smokin sticks
I jus hope we don't go to jail for rapin one of these bitches

lights out its quiet now somebody yelled (SWITCH)
I heard a glass hit the floor and out screamed a bitch(ahhhh)
young nate jus couldn't wait
they were gonna lock his ass back up
(why you say that blank)
shoulda seen how he had that ho
back up against tha bed head bangin on tha wall
I'm fryin out to my screw tape sayin
"I'm f**kin all ya'll
every body naked, walkin, dicks are erected
I don't give a f**k what yall do just as long as yall don't break shit


jus in case you don't know I f**k all them stupid ho's
everybody get their clothes, nigga its time to hit tha door
for I go I wanna send a shout out to all my baby freaks
I'm f**kin all yall next week
we gonna hook up bout 12 on a pm tip, rollin, gettin fried out
jammin that stick in to a comma
everybody crunk now
disrespect me since I got sounds in tha trunk
now bumpin, jumpin, everybody blowed
I won't stop had to ? a squat before tha show
niggas hate the click, knew when we roll in
knowin damn well If it goes down, oh shit there they go again
drama, niggas strictly drama
fool we sippin on serb, chill, codine
straigt blowin up tha scene
? at 13 tru rollin stinky green, lets rlde I wanna get high wit tha blanksta

[chorus until end of song fading out behind talkin]

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