You Heard Of Us Lyrics

[Intro: Sheek Louch]
You got 'em with this fam!
Check me out yo!

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
We get it poppin' homie. (yeah!) - Bottles poppin' homie. (yeah!)
Piff burnin' homie (yeah!) - Your baby mama on me (whooo!)
Jewelry drippin'. - Yankee hat over my face,
About a seventeen shot on my waist. (hahaha!)
Nothin' in my ear! (uh-uh) - But it's a G-5 in the air. (ssssshhh!)
We spend that from here to there. (no doubt!)
Big money on the floor. (uh-huh!) - Dice game four or more (uh-huh!)
Tucked underneath the tee - hammer in the other vee. (BUCK, BUCK!)
I'm StreetSweepin on the Deegan with this Puerto Rican mami (uh!)
Long hair. - Pussy like tsunami!
Gucci's on, hoodie over. - Tell them playas game is over. (IT'S OVER!)
Soon as I step in the club they like... (WHOOO! YEAH!)

[Chorus: Ray-J]
Yeah, I know you heard of us! - The murderous, most shady
D-Block, Ray-J you better watch your lady!
We pop bottles in the club on the daily,
And I bust a nigga head if he ever try to play me! [x2]

[Verse 2: Styles P] Blue Yankee, white-T and some Polos (uniform!)
Never seen a gangster, take a photo. (snap it!)
f**k with D-Block, that's a no-no! (uh-uh!) - Just made a boo-boo
Crazy! (crazy!) The .380 will make a nigga doo-doo (yeah!)
Waddup to my niggas lock down playin' KaySlay (whattup?) [shot]
Yay' on the check, cash aligned on payday. (you know?)
Niggas forever whylin'! (ever!) - Niggas forever stylin'!
Either in jail or a Island for a big day. (either or!)
You know the same shit - different toilet! (same shit!)
I can't call it outside with the smoke heads and alcoholics. (outside!)
Me and Sheek nigga (whattup?) - where the beef, nigga?
Year to year money, bustin' heat - ONE!


[Verse 3:
[Sheek Louch:]
G'eah! - The Yay and the pot, the weed and the dutch
The safety off (uh-huh!) plate in my mouth, you will get touched. (G'EAH!)
Uhh! - I don't wait for music money - it's too slow (no doubt!)
I hit the block and make what you get for a show. (haha!)
It's jewelry and riches.
Hammer got him strippin' like KaySlay bitches! (SLAY!) - You better take pictures. (whooo!)
[Styles P:]
Go 'head and get you a snapshot (snap-rob!)
For you jewelry, your crack rocks right on the back block. (get robbed!)
We got shit! (D-Block!) - Used to be have-nots
You can ask Kay Slay! - We stay in the projects like J.J.
Shoot dope in you like muthaf**kin' Ray-Ray! - Everyday is payday!


[Bridge: Ray-J]
I'm on the yacht with my lady (yeah!) - call 'em out the lady (yeah!)
Bitches in the back, sniffin' coke, sippin' Baileys. (yeah!)
Strippers on the pole yellin' pay me! (yellin' pay me!)
Would be surprised how I stack and make that slut go CRAAAAZY! [beat stops]

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Record Label(s): 2010 E1 Music
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