Bad Girls Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay (Jackie-O)]
(Yo Kay Slay! We 'bout to show them what the bad girls all about!)
Yeah that's what I'm talkin' about! (Yeah!)
I know it's a few of y'all left!
Matter of fact... I got the best with me right now!
I got Jackie-O!
Remy Ma! (yeah!)
Hedonis! (yeah!)
Ayanna Irish! [shots]
Set this shit off!
Let's go!

[Chorus: Ayanna Irish (Jackie-O)]
I know you like my styyle! - And I see you checkin us out
Is it the way we walk! - The way we talk! - The thing we doin'! (uh!)
I'm a bad giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! (yeah! check it!)
I'm a bad giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl! - Till the day I die!

I shit on niggas I play with they mental
I - spit on bitches I key they rentals!
I - walk on water I talk in scirptures
If she ain't the chick in the mirror she can't out spit me. (whooo!)
See dudes see this ass and they think I'm 'gon fornicate
Christmas tree niggas leave 'em hangin' like they ornaments.
I have 'em order rims. - Import 'em in!
No loiterin! - Straight origin.
Miss flirtatious part Mercedes
I'm - Jackie-O the f**kin' baby.
Uh! - He got bling 'cause he push caucasian
I don't wanna f**k yo' man I wanna f**k his face in! (uhhhh!)
You only starin 'cause you never seen a real mag (real mag!)
Take a picture bitch, so you make the thrill last! (thrill last!)
Greatest show on Earth you found it
Like Barnum but I'm a leave y'all to the clown shit.


[Remy Ma:]
I'm the soul controller
G.I. Joe, hoe; I control the soldiers!
Float like Noah! - And I toat for stolers
Leave the nappyhead hoe with a comb and a coma.
Go console her! - Yo leave this hoe supposed to be
Stylin' like me with them posters posted.
Know you showed her! - I just hold composure.
Suck my teeth and sound like an open soda. (sssssss!)
Body like a Coca-Cola
But I quench a nigga thirst like cold Corona.
Rode your toaster! - I got the coldest shoulder
But I keep my heat warm with my shoulder holder.
Coast to coaster. - I pays no payolla
And I never do a show - for a broke promoter.
Walk in the Queen's kingdom and overthrow her
I'm a first class bitch; I ain't got time to coach her!


[Hedonis Da Amazon:]
Yeah! - The Philly swagger they diggin' ya Philly auror
To the O.G.'s I'm Oprah to the young girls I'm Dorah.
I walks with a glide my talk be 'bout money
Broke niggas always askin why I sound so funny.
Huh! - Communication's key! - He never moved a key!
He never drove the V! - Who he talkin' to me?
Usin' a pick up line by Jay-Z
I'm far from a dummy chick he loadin' up his dummy clips
I'm like next! - Bein broke ain't a protocol.
My ears be chandeliers, my chain like a waterfall.
My ass like a backyard, hehe!
You never seen a crib steppin out of a car!
Let that lightnin bug out of that jar.
Try to bottle the light!
Or let it roll like a kite - wind blows catch flies.
I'm catchin flights from The UK back to USA,
My number rings say: "F-U-C-K! "


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Record Label(s): 2010 E1 Music
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