Summertime Heat Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sadat X]
The Art Of War, war like you never seen before
Or, you can pick behind door three
See me with my dozers, and Desue
I guess you
I bless you
More or less
f**kin' with me, it's more of this
Similar to great battles and war time tales
Hit me with my man Diamond and when all else fails
We can take it to the streets and not my sales
My game plan save the land
And that's the role part to be a general
I got to keep a cold heart right from the start
From the beginning I'm winnin'
Desue keeps it spinnin'
Hard wax,
hard facts,
hot jacks
My mother raised a soldier and my father was there
And if it's fair
Then I shouldn't have bring them things
Blow off your angels wings
I'm a warrior
Used to have a broad in Astoria but she caught feelings
I ?cut? off the dealings
That's a wrap for me
My niggas in the street ya bust a cap for me
Put my face on the wall
plus I'm being a whore
Read a verse from St. Peter and that's all (and that's all, and that's all)

[Chorus: Sadat X]
It's the art of war
War like you never seen my niggas
Runnin' in the street
Face summertime heat
Can you compete with the straight rap hop
and make sure your world don't stop
It's war
War like you never seen before
Summertime street
Niggas tryin' to eat
Can you compete with the straight rap hop
And make sure your world don't stop

[Verse 2: KC Da Rookee]
I declaire W-A-R
Attacking with the form are
Casualties and conflicts over the years we grow hard
Resistance torture mental scar move forward
Take grimest into the army it's enormous
Speech chain steady my aim
I'm blowin' up the target even when I be shooting from long range
Resistance, niggas hide behind enemy lines
Plot strategy and locations they can't find
Whose is the world if it ain't mine
Up against the enemy that's taken from us trapped up in petty crime
I stay ahead of time
With death threats aimed at my kind
But what's a better nigga still shine
Full power landin' in your mind
Rookee, Diamond D, Sadat X
Desue with the bomb on the decks
With the thoughts were comin' like air support
Fire missles they hit the core


[Diamond D]
Smack me I'ma smack you back
You won't hear D-Squeezy if the track is wack
Me and `X-ManĀ“ once again back to back
I'm a fly ass nigga with a knack to rap
Ladies call me full Nelson, I'll crack your back
In the south BX where I pack the mack
Where the fiends get mad If the smack is wack
and all people stop and ask "where the cracks is at"
Honey's wear it one night and take it back to saks
Pickin' pockets
quick to hop it
One felony beat still quick to cock it
Bottles in yellow plastic quick to pop it
And I'm still quick with mines, sick with mines
Only cup OZ's no nicks and dimes
In the club on the low new kicks and shines
And still get cards from ex chicks of mine


[talking: (Sadat X /) Diamond D]
(Yeah, yeah, y'all like that right)
Yeah, uh, goin' out to my man Desue
(Great 'dat X)
KC's and 'dat X
(and my man Desue)
Diamond D right here, uh
It's like that y'all

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