Shit Can Happen (remix) Lyrics

[DJ Butter]
DJ Butter's Shit Happens
Are you ready?
Are you ready?

Shit can happen [x12]

[Kon Artis talking]
Alright, Alright
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yo, yo ,yo ,yo
It's Da Brigade y'all
Yeah we're back, yeah nigga we're back
DJ Butter, yeah he back

[Kon Artis]
That's right motherf**ker we back
Same slangin, orangatangin, wildin out on chicken heads
They say I act like I'm too famous to say hi
And tell 'em what my name is but really I'm still nameless
You niggaz don't get it yet, do you
Dealin out platinum or flop I still put it through you
Wit a luger that'll spit fire
And hit higher than a pitch fight blown by Mariah
You think for one second since we got a deal
That we won't deal wit you in front of St. Andrew's still
You gay rappers better learn that
I won't stop until I see 'em turn back
If you don't slow that roll you got
You gon see these Runyan Ave. niggaz that really need some Prozac
Fo' sho' that, ask Butter
Brigade will lay you down next to your mother's mother's grandmother

You know I'm feelin real rowdy tonight
Ready to fight and half the niggaz I give dap to I don't even like
The same cat who never gave a damn about your name
I gives a f**k about it like the next L.A. Flippers' game
I kill you in ways you couldn't even fathom
You and your madame, it's really unexplainable how I have 'em
Who call theyself screamin about a challenge
Nigga we got a gift while you barely makin it off mere talent
My skills are deeply embedded even your girl said it
She was knock kneed I f**ked her now she's bow legged
In the middle of rappin I drop the mic
And have a stare down and jump in the crowd and start scrappin
Kunivin, Kon Artis and Butter we get it crackin
While the paramedics pick you up we on the side laughin

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