When I Touch Down Lyrics

Yeah, W-J-I-V-E radio
You damn right we jam
The phone lines are ringin off the hook
But I'm not gon awnser them 'cause I don't wanna hear shit you got say
We gotta special guest in the house tonight
Little Fate in this bitch, an probly in yours
So here's the number 1 song in the night, when I touch down, by lil Fate

Now don't get mad at me 'cause ya hoe outta pocket and she chose (she chose)
Just charge it to the game and find another dame 'cause
I'm already outta the dough (of the dough) for sure we big pimpin
We blow but keep sippin, this is every day livin
Wood grain an chrome spinnin, hhen I touch down
When I touch down

When I touch down boys frown 'cause girls flock around
Lil shorty from the A-Town hit the club and buy a round for the whole place
Girls a henny straight wit no chase
I'm like skin deep, Bo legged and cute face
An aggressive playa I stay abroad like 2nd base
Gone an cuppa my nigga oops its too late
Ya hoe chose Fate guess she wasn't ya soulmate
I f*cked her on the first date while you spoilt her for months straight
So what is it bout Fate that got these girls attracted
Imma NVP playa I got the game mastered
Got girls, flippin out like gymnastics
Gold I got carrots on my neck and wrist
A SS impala dubbs on that bitch
Hoes scream when I step up from parkin the whip
I ain't conceded dogg, I'm just confident
Them niggaz heat it 'cause they bitches give me compliments


Now when the spot get shutdown fate Maude is the reason
Mink coat V.I.P. in, why you standin inna long line freezin
Holdin ya p an, ya girl whisperin come pick me up this evening
Once you done dropped her off, just so I can knock her off
An expose the lingerie ya just brought man
You can't picture my league I gotta home run stroke After I poke it run home to find a goodbye note
She in love wit me folded
Thas all that she wrote
An she love the way I de-rub her and skid in her throat
She a freaky hoe, love the way my dick touch her tonsils
An I get it for free thanks to niggaz like you who sponsor
Shoppin sprees, Gucci purses you purchase
A 3-carrot ring thinkin its gon make her change no way
Shoulda slowed ya rolls stop to think
Ya can't turn a hoe into a wife f*ck you think


That's my girl, you dudes kill me wit your reactions
While she in the VIP sippin up and laughing
Yall no rank niggaz don't respect the captain
If she hustling you then you hustling backwards
And thas sad dogg you coulda splirred on yaself
Stop trickin to these broads they don't deserve ya wealth
Yall don't learn nothing else aint he the little shorty
If ya had ya girl in line she woudnt find time to call me


An they don't know, about them real thrill niggaz
down south who de runnin this shit
An they don't know, about them mid-west hustlers, gangstas an pimps
An they don't know, about them up north niggaz who live ready to ride or die
An they don't know, bout them westside, smoked out and they stay high

Yeah, I hear you Baby Flex, thas a hot one
Tha phone lines are ringin off the hook, so I'ma go ahead turn my ring on
It's a cock market cash winnin weekend
2000 dollars going out to the fattest p*ssy
That will be going down at welcome all ball
Chaka Zulu will be judging
Also joined for the disturbin the peace, second annual big titties contest
We also have a P price contest for yall niggaz
You'll get a gold haircut to the nigga who cuff his hoe the most
This is W-J-I-V-E, oh shit go back shorty
You know what, f*ck it next song

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Songwriter(s): arbie wilson, a. wilson, derrick williams
Record Label(s): 2002 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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