Fuck What A Nigg Say. Lyrics

[Dirtbag: talking]
Um.. Cool & Dre and that Dirtbag
Oh we come over, we can hurt ya

[Chorus x2]
I gives a f**k what a nigga say
I gives a f**k what a nigga gonna do
I gives a f**k where a nigga stay
Cause I'm gonna blow his head away

[Verse 1: Dirtbag]
I put that iron on your back like Vinny from "Good Times"
And I get high like American Airlines
Yep, I'm a Yank but my car be foreign
Got more nuts than the all male zone
But it's warm, you can duck but you can't ignore 'em
Horendous, right with Michael Vick's now with Jerome Bettis
Don't let us, jump into some gangsta shit
I may f**k up my money but I don't f**k up my hit
Just one spit and your life gonna lift
Eat the bullets thats in you as I continue my spliff
Has it been bell paided, where the gators be
I hope you like to see me read cause it's the last thing you gonna see
I wasn't born, I was sworn from the block
They found me underneath a rock, holdin on my crotch
I wasn't born, I was sworn from the block
They found me underneath a rock, holdin on my crotch nigga

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Dirtbag]
I've been rejected by jobs, I've rejected by hoes
I let all my dogs know when niggaz 36 hoes
Kept my friend on the flow, and my mind on my dough
Get a tick, I bet they won't reject the nigga no more
I'm the man that make it work like a bullet in your teflon
Dirtbag I'm the heart to this ?Votron?
I move work through the pen and the county
All the boys called me laundry, I gots that bounty
Used to be flock, now it's El Bordo
Used to dress bummy, now it's all Polo
Murder off your tenants on the bath to a linen
Got a bitch like Andy Fisher, nigga don't make me send her
To your crib, saw us where you live
Shots in your your rib, "I don't think he gonna live"
Uh, if you was real, ya, you know the deal
In the minute of suprise that how niggaz gettin killed, AH

[Chorus x2]

[long pause]

[Chorus: repeated until fade]

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Songwriter(s): Marcello Valenzano, Jermany James, Andre Christopher Lyon
Publisher(s): Dade Co. Project Music Inc., Universal Music - Z Songs

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