Afraid Of Lyrics


What are you afraid of
My name is Dino DXL and I got one question?
What are you afraid of
It’s now or never time to face your fears, Listen !

Verse 1

What are you afraid of? /

Yeah she is living in a crisis /
And she's so blind to all the dangers and the high risks/
Wolves in sheep clothing and various disguises/
Betrayal of trusts yo, it cuts and it slices/
She spilling her guts why she looking so lifeless /
She gotta be nuts making all those sacrifices/
She gambling she rolling them dices /
not understanding what the worth of her life is/

What are you afraid? /

 yeah he is paralyze by fear/ 
false evidence appearing real I see it so clear/
It is a battle of the mind yeah modern warfare /
Every time he goes forward yo he is stuck right here/
 every day he wakes up it's a new nightmare/
and now he is wondering did I choose the right career/
Is life worth living if the pain won't disappear/
No is life worth living if you can't surpass the fear/


So what are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
( Is it fear, is it trust? is it love, is it lust?)
( Is it your future or your past, )
What are you afraid of
(Are you afraid of what’s behind the mask ? Come on tell me man )
What are you afraid of?
(Is it failure or success Is it pain is stress ? lets go)

Verse 2

What are you afraid of?

Dark days and yo lonely nights/
Wondering what the Hell will I do with my life/
Could u see me with some kids and u as my wife
Could we ever be that perfect prototype/
Everything I ever wanted I had to put up a fight/
But I can't anymore cause things ain't feeling right/
I feel like a hater, a traitor a failure/
I am afraid that I won't see the light/

What are u afraid of?

Yeah The monster in the lake 
And the fading of my faith
Was your realness ever fake 
Was loving you my greatest biggest mistake/
Will I be on time or forever be to late/
My goals, my dreams how long will I wait/
Black holes it seems there is no escape/
It's driving me crazy can I just press the brakes/
Can I take the weight of these decisions that I make./


So what are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of?
(Yo Quinn Tell em , yeah)


Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid oh no/ no no/ oh no
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, oh don't be afraid ,don't be afraid oh no/ no/
Nooooo Oooh oohh/ ooooohhhh/
What are you afraid of ooohhh/
What are you afraid oooooof/


Tell em
You will not ever be afraid for
You are the shining light
You are the salt of the earth yes you are
I say you are courage you are strength
you are peace you are love
Do not be afraid, I say do not be afraid
Though u walk through the valley of the shadow of death say I will fear no evil.

The Quinn
Beat- Lockz
Dino DXl
Dino DXL
What are you afraid Of

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