Burn With Me Lyrics

I'm in a place that I know so well
Might not know but this place is hell
I've been here since I feel
I thought that I go to a better place
I thought wrong I must have made a mistake
Before I came to this place
And it all started with that guy
Who talked some shit so then I punched him in his eye
I punched him square in his eye
This is just the beginning of it all
I hit him a again and then I watched him fall
And then I kicked him in his jaw

And now his eyes roll to the back of his head
None of us thought that he would soon be dead
But then his eyes turned red
I'm running away from all of his boys
Thought I was clear until I heard that noise
That deafening noise
And now my blood is pouring on the ground
Look to the sky as it spins round and round
And I start to spin down
And my life flashes before my eyes
I look for a truth but all I see are lies
Cause I've been living a lie oh yay

Won't you come right down and burn with me
Come along to hell and burn with me yay (2x)

And I'm surrounded my a deep dark black
I start to see but then I feel the attack (so then I feel the attack)
So then I try to fight back (so then I try fight back)
My body torn from limb to limb
I look and see the reaper that's so grim (the reaper that's so grim)
And I repent for my sins (And my sins yea)
He said that I can't repent to him
Cause he's not the one who wants me to win (hes not the one who wants me to win)
So now I'm paying for my sins (so now I'm paying for my)
The fire burns all around me now
And all I can do is I scram and shout
Because I'll never get out oh yea

Won't you come right down and burn with me
Come along to hell and burn with me yay (2x)
(Burn with me down low, low, low)

I, I, I, Ohhhhhhh (2x)

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Record Label(s): 2010 Dime Street Joker

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