Punk Rock (remix) Lyrics

Yeah uh oh

So fly... so clean... nothin but punk rock clothin on me
He's a punk rock she's a punk rock
Vintage shirt... denim jeans... nothin but punk rock clothin on me (got my vans on but they look like sneakers)

[Verse 1:]
I'm a punk rock to the punk rock
Rockin circas or mecca wit my low tops
Ice creams, blazes, DVSs
You ever met a nigga like me to keep it fresh kicks
Sliced up vintage with the croon neck sweater
Punk rock jeans diligentz the trend setterz
Vans to SBs we atarted this punk thing
The bay dressin like they part of pharrels team
Punk rock shoe lil B on the bi**h you better snatch up wit the mean shoe game
I don't stay lookin dipped I don't trip off s**t who evers fu**in wit me now the nigga get chips
(S*it) I'm a make a move love my dick and she love my swagga
Nigga ya pants is backwards
Punk rock niggaz the pack is fashion


[Verse 2:]
My punk rock swag dude go both citas
Yadadimean check out my punk rock features
Got my vans on but they look like sneakers
Jeans sag low wit a skull on my t shirt
I'm a punk rock ya I'm a punk rock
Goin 2 dumb in the function that I won't stop
Jumpin outta scrapers then I'm on to a skateboard
I'm a punk rock in my punk rock world

Young L punk rock nigga what it do?
So coke white no dirt on the shoe
Clothes doin whirl but my chains so sick
Fruity pebbles all the hos on my dick
Ya I'm shinin I'm big timin
I ain't clipse bi*ch I'm grindin
I'm in the pack I rep jive records
Up all night all the hos get naked


[Verse 3:]
Stay laced up in a fresh pair of vans
Vintage shirt denim jeans SBs ya man
Famous stars shirt sag my jeans
Hoodied up on the block in a vintage white tee
I keep it punk rock so I'm never lookin bummy
Gettin bread all day so a nigga stay crummy
If you still doin red lights nigga just stop
I'm a stay like this 'cause I'm so punk rock

Ya never met me man first shot rep east oakland so punk rock
Skateboard [? ] by my cock
Not a athlete but the cheer squad jock
Godav boys is so prestige
Fools go down like under seas
My drawers got skulls like vietnam
Punk rock settle this like uncle sam


[Verse 4:]
Still keep it punk rock now I got my dreads out
Lookin like a square but a nigga lettin lead out (Pow)
So back up
Yeah them real but don't touch
We fly flashy hooded with the fitted
Pistol in the t shirt gotta stay wit it
We punk rockers lettin off rockets
Nigga runnin red lights [? ] without stoppin
Young rich nigga whatchu know about class stand like a king ya'll niggaz know that
Check ya'll swag these bi*ches love that
Walk up in the club blow 4 or 5 stacks
Off that patron wit some SBs on
Checkerboard grill like they playin my song
Ride on top get ya a** punk rock
If you play me like a punk watch ya a** get rocked


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