Heavy Lighting Lyrics

It's heavy lighting

To all you non carpoolin' fuel burners in my town
We're not headed for a ice age, we're headed for a meltdown
I double checked it, the message is authentic
It's the flash of heavy lighting that makes us photogenic
(Check it out) I get hype on Stetsasonic
Before rockin a show or droppin shit to plastic
Iriscience, yo you shine so bright
Tonight the only thing lit is our crew and off white

Well you's a shaky gun faker, like Enzo the Baker
I strip studio rappers lo-tech Amish Quaker
Trip and fall and haul yourself b-boy breaker
And all you never sprayed and you're whack on the fader
I make you shake a double take, step in motion sensors
Hit the stage spotlights on the towers and the fences
Now you see how close the audience is
Heavy lighting wreaking havoc on your senses

Heavy Lighting
We are the lighting, We are the path, Keep shining
Heavy Lighting
We are the lighting, We are the path, Keep shining

We making money like tat make money like cash
Grandmaster D to Grandmaster Flash
As astrotheologists ponder my past
Oh please give me one more hit or mega-blast
Beggars ask, but still opt to be choosy
You see I, U. Z. I. like an uzi
And do see what's going on from the Towers of Babble
To the heart of Babylon and on
Yo, I've learned many tactics that I practice til decrepit
We Are... You know the record
I'm that gunner in the forefront, you charge, I punt
Off my ammunition, they'll be back for now
Expect ambivalence, since
I never retreat like Joey rockin them beats
I'm hard to be seen like green on green
Yo my voice strikes the mic, there's no time to be wastin
My rhymes are snapshots from Brian Cross and Daniel Hastings

[Hook] (2X)

Yo I been around, I found a lot of the greats
Physically are heavy, but mentally lightweights
Brain percentage ain't used to full potential
You're gone next week, only identified by dental

Dental records I checked and pressed for selectors
And worldwide hotspots to weapons inspector
Producer, director, or information expert
Unidentified objects light up the desert

Sometimes it's funny when you don't look how you rhyme
Like one kid stepped to me with one of my own lines
He didn't realize he was facing 'Ev in person
Until I replied, turn his big moment to curtains

Well Rakka's insight in light and dim light
I spit venom but I never had to bite
As life works in cycles, the circles are closing
Greenhouse effect or maybe you'll be frozen

[Hook] (2X)

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