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How Do You Want It Parody Lyrics

How do you want it
How does it feel
Comin up as a brotha in Daytona Standin on the cornaz, I'm 4real (Repeat x2)

[Verse 1:]
Love the way you activate the bell and rush the class out
It's so hot in here, man I'm a bout 2 pass out
Wanna go 2 sleep, and I can't even lie about it
Had a long day, and now I'm bout 2 fly up out it
Catch you after class, on my way to leavin
Teacher talkin quick 2 me, but I can't comprehend the meanin
Now the class eyes on me, now heres my chance
Doin bad in my class, Show respect and be a man
4give me I was tired, Still I'm just a simple man
All I want is As, and good grades
I'm a simple man, Mr. So Irrational,
Student with the last word,
4give me 4 wat I say, Is all of what I ask 4
It's either him or me, Man made cheat sheets
A favorite of my homies when we floss on our quizees
So witness as I creep 2 a low c
Fail like the rest b
I tried my best, what?... u can't see
Approachin lunch with a passion, been along day
But I been hungry and starvin in a strong way
My stomach is growlin hungry, I'm bout 2 get some food
Time 2 give it a big texas
So tell me how you want it.

[Verse 2:]
Tell me was my A, all luck
You think I didn't study am I fool or what
Written on the board it's so exaustin
Ironic, cause I'm somewhat exausted
I'm hittin snoozes on loosers
I'm so asleep it's chaotic
Up and down like a roller coaster
I can't lie, I can't wait til this class is over, cause I'm tired
In and out just like a robbery, in every class
I prolly sleep don't try and lie 2 me, Cause I'm drowsy
Days fulla bored ways, a livin sleeper
You ain't heard about these students livin mainland days
Devante Baker yousa trouble maker,
Instead of tryna help a brotha wanna chase paper
Worse than the others, Lunch lady this foods old
You 2 old 2 understand that it's ice cold?
Ashame, so I gotta starve like a small rat
Want some of these, I think I need 2 pack a lunch pack
They wanna speak 2 me, they ratha see me my grades mailed
Livin well, only a few of us will live 2 tell
Now everybody talkin bout us, I ain't givin up
The very one who taught us all 2 what's up
Come on tell me how you want it.

[Bridge x2]

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