Ride Wit Me (remix) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I got a 2003 SUV
22 inches with 5 tvs
woodgrain out with the playstation 2
you got to have bread because the best I don't do
if I in in the benz then you know I'm just flexing
always got my nine on my side for protection
with 2 extra clips for them haters that want to trip
and since I am from the south boy you know I'm all grill
nigga we got dro, remi, and plenty fine models
the northside, eastside, westside following
but when I from the southside anything goes
(?????) boy you get your ass swoll
you can bet bitch we balling out of controll
making tunes for them rebels steady flipping yayo
see this shit is for you ballers, huslters, and dealings
since we lock the streets the whole gump riding with us

I got that northside riding, eastside riding
Westside riding wit me (IGHT)
I got that northside riding, westside riding
Southside riding wit me (IGHT)
We were born in this bitch, raise in this bitch
Give a f**k less by the playing hating bitch (IGHT)
We were born in this bitch, raise in this bitch
Give a f**k less by the playing hating bitch (IGHT)

[Verse 2]
Now bitch do you really know what deuce really mean
doing everything you reall can't even see
put yo ass 24 (???) deep
dont f**k with my mommy, my money, car, or my weed ight
cause we ain't nothing but some balling G's
dont come outside when we ride unless you on 23's now
I heard some niggaz out there hating on me
they calling me a punk nigga but they (???) now
I got that westside riding with me
cause all my famliy was raise in Cleveland Co streets now
we paper chasing, them bezzel boys is what you facing
and I'm in this (???) for some hospitalization
across the nation, our song on the charts racing
on the radio station, I love my new occupation
and I'm on probation, but I still be blazing
cause I don't give a f**k, I got lawyers for this case


[Verse 3]
See its the Gump-town(???), westside written
its all up in the game
you can call it what you claim
but all my eastside give it to them
Northside spitted, southside be the realest there
where the ballers be
you can find the finest weed, my niggaz surround me
Escalade on 22's thats how the bezzel boys do
how we balling, Ballerrific
nigga say that shit terrific
9 times out of 10 (???)
so what you say boy, bitch I been with it
doing whatever it takes, steady on my paper chase
out of town license plate, on tha interstate
doing a Bill 50, I ain't no time to waste


[Verse 4]
I'ma Greenhouse phila, S street dealer
big money crippler known for having good killer
westside, eastside, northside lover
man I wish these record labels do something for us
we then pack out shows, sold out stores
giving niggaz goods something for there yo
tell them Ho's to check out how real player suppose
we waited our turn why yall was +Hitting the floor+
now we got the south off tha chain down here
alot of this shit off tha chain round here
we lookin for bigger and better things round here
f**king with us and we lite up flames round here
so open up the door and get inside with me
bust down a blunt and burn one with me
turn up the volume and get loud with me
cause you the only one that ain't riding with me


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