Black Fire Upon Us Lyrics


Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We Stand Like GODS Our DETHS Desired
We Fear No Mortals In These Worlds
The Gift We Give You Is Your Soul.. Your Soul.. Soul

Fly With Us Tonight
Fly With Us Tonight

The Sky.. The Sky..
Will Break.. Will Break..
Black Fire.. Black Fire..
Will Wake.. Will Wake..


On Through The Night
We Built An Alliance
Our Numbers Are Strong

We Gather
But We Don't Prey To Gods
What Fools
What Lunatics
They Must Think Of Us

On This Night

We Will Journey
Far Behind This World
And You Must Know
That We Will Never
Come Back Home Again

But Now We Must Fly
Beasts In The Night
Tragic In The Sky
Battlefield In Sight

Storm Gathers Strong
Cold Blackened Flame
Tell Us Our Future
Stories Of The Slain

Fire Grows Strong
Freezing Our Skin
Vision Is Clouded
The Rain Will Begin

Dangerous Creatures, (Dangerous Creatures)
Those That Oppose Us, (Those That Oppose Us)
Raped All Their Power, (Raped All Their Powers)
Bartered With Warlocks, (Bartered With Warlocks)
Cheated The Demons, (Cheated The Demons)
For Ancient Spells, (For Ancient Spells)
The Blackened Fire, (The Blackened Fire)
Waits To Consume Us, (Waits To Consume Us)

So Now We'll Say Goodbye.. Goodbye.. Goodbye.. Goodbye..
Because Tonight We Die.. We Die.. We Die
So We Say Goodbye
So We'll Say Goodbye
We Die

Tonight We Ride On Clouds Of Fire
We're Damned By Gods Our DETHS Conspired
We Fear No Mortals In these Worlds
The Gift We Give You is Your Soul

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Record Label(s): 2009(p)CARTOON NETWORK (s09)
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Meaning to "Black Fire Upon Us" song lyrics (6 meanings)
Your mom 10/09/09,08:35

These are only the lyrics from the (very) short version of the song that was heard in the last episode of Season 2. What about the full song?
Soulless 08/26/11,18:49

Complete lyrics or not which these appear to be this song hits things buried deep within me. fuchking awesome song.
Random Dethfan 11/16/09,14:24

dude, I tried to post em, they wouldn't let me. just read my previous post and find em there. god, are you a moron or something?
Random Dethfan 10/30/09,14:22

just google this: dethklok black fire upon us lyrics sing365. you will get all of the lyrics from the first link for this song. enjoy!
Hurry up Random Dethfan! 10/25/09,10:45

Or at lease post a link to the full lyrics! I can't find them anywhere, it's always just this on every site I find...
Random Dethfan 10/08/09,12:24

This is not a complete set of lyrics for this song. You need to either resubmit the lyrics (and I mean ALL of them), or not post them at all. And why are there no lyrics for Symmetry? It's a good song
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