Told Y'all


Told Y'all Lyrics (feat. Rapsody & Scram Jones)

[Hook: Denaun]
I bet you ain't think you'd see my face again
(I won't go away, but hey)
I love it when you say that I can't win
(Well alright, alright, right)
Through all the things that I worked through
I had to learn patience was a virtue
I ain't the person that burnt you
But this can't hurt me as much as it hurts you
Now I told y'all niggas, I told, told y'all niggas (x4)

[Verse 1: Denaun]
I thought you and your outfit was gonna blow
You don't follow directions, I told you so
You reap what you reap, welcome to the karma show
I'm out here rapin' the game, I don't believe in though
My career is not a post on IG
So they ain't ever seen the likes of me
Man f*ck what you believe, I agree
I played the game long enough to appreciate the little 'i' in 'Wii'
I am he, nothing more or less
Trying years trying see the inside of an EMS in its entirety
Hire me, you get more for your money, try and see
I supply the heat, come buy a ki
I am me, I'm in your IV, mainline these words
A humble heart and sane mind I can't play disturbed
I mean what makes you so evil, transparent, see-through
I guess I'm like a ghost cause I just wanna touch the people

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
Hail that animosity for sleepers and neglecters
Now they can't hold they breakfast
TVs to tours, they told me my story reckless
Pick up where it left off, won't even stop of a Lexus
I told the spectators, I told my old neighbours
They laughed it off, now they all callin' me for favors
Sorry, sorry, my flow is Jabari draft pick
Everyone a fan, now recognizin' in my english
I told 'em, had me at bottom of the totem though
'Stead I fall short, like Parker I took the float and yo
Goals in the goal now, I ain't quite Hov now
You ain't even pick me and look, I'm still on a roll now
Like butter they utter apologies
[?] had a heart all the time in your deck I see
Yea, watch them change when they think they see you change up
See you on TV and they all call you famous
But you the same person that was grindin' in the cut
And they all turned they back and they never gave up
Yea, it's bittersweet and that sweet sweeter
Tell me how that crow taste and now you gotta eat up


[Scratches by Scram Jones]

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