Captivate - Deactivate Lyrics

My blows landed, those they froze stranded
Most by most branded, for life I'm precise
These so-called perfectionists must have no standards
Thinkin they're the don when they shit comes on
They got it all wrong, tryna step into E's world
They fakin jacks like the bootleg cheese curls
Please girls - stop eating up rice cakes
Have a nice steak for Christ sakes
My mic takes many lives, like 20 knives to the uterus
A pugilist, whipin out cities like Mt. Vesuvius
You jealous jerks - I'll rip you out your Perry Ellis shirts
Write a rap on the map and show you Hell on Earth
I pop fly shit, you catch it like Dennis Burkes
They only way you'd be well at work is sellin Certz
[Yo Esoteric, when you bringin the pain son?]
It's probably gettin done as we speak like Jenna Jame-son

[Chorus: samples cut up]
"Captivate 'em before the raps deactivate 'em"
"I smile with a sinister grin and finish him"
"Crews I run through it, drama I'm in to it"
[Raekwon] "Right stupid"
[Punisher] "What! Bring it I'll blow ya whole spot"

[Celph Titled]
Yo, f*ck what you heard these are words from now Testament
Bring ya squadron and face the Demigodz regiment
I breathe fire, guns are a part of me
f*ck preservin hip-hop artistry, I'll propel bullets through ya arteries!
Come through my hood and get smacked with the four
You look like a FAGGOT! Just like Eve looks like a crack-whore
Straight up and down deadly, that's how my clique spit
I'm dope, you're just a barbituate kickin bitch shit
I choke MC's 'til they turn green, I'm a sick man
If a Martian f*cks with me I'll choke him 'til he turns tan
Now that's some stupid shit and niggaz ain't havin that
Celph Titled's known to rip apart all you average cats
You might find me on a raft floatin from Cuba
With heavy ammunition, assault rifles and bazookas
And while your out claimin sets doin drive-bys
I'm in a stealth bomber, breakin sound, doin fly-bys

[Chorus: samples cut up]

[Open Mic]
I move the crowd like a riot squad or national guard
And pull cards like blackjack dealers at the Mirage
Reflect life like light off the predator's camoflauge
Competitors find it hard to battle against the odds
They gaze into the oracle to see the euphorical rays
That it displays for every metaphorical phrase
Audio visuals like a spiritual ritual
Individuals need to uprise against the citadel
Stray from the typical, originality's at a minimal
My soundwaves blaze with every syllable
I'll give a lesson on emceein as a professional
To teach you herbs steppin' that my words are a weapon
You got gassed, like you put the pedal to the floor
I'll put the metal in your jaw so you know that I'm raw
I do damage and represent the whole damn planet
So no matter where I'm at I got the homefield advantage

[Chorus: samples cut up]

I make it hot like Heather Hunter's p*ssy in the summer
Then I f*ck her hard enough to make Chloe Jones shudder
(f*ck buyin Prada!) I'll make her call me the Don Da-Da
I'm a computer with a super medulla oblongata
(You don't know Ap!) Save ya homo rap
(We rock Polo) You cop Chaps at TJMaxx
Think that you could battle me and win? Next plan
There's a better chance of Eminem joinin X-Clan
Cuz we (crush) mother (f*ckers) when we (spit it) we're the (illest) crew
(Demi) Godz (bring it) with the (deadly) style (killin) you
And y'all ain't basement, y'all are locked in the cellar
Ain't sayin shit like a Helen Keller acapella
And we originated "Root Beers" for ya frigid air
(So emcees had to get day-jobs with Medicare)
You cats run around sweatin Demigodz CD
Motherf*cker calm down, this is only the EP...

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