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Nolia Flow
Dee Watkins
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Nolia Flow Lyrics

Wow (Yeah, niggas got me f*cked up in this...)
Yeah, this for them motherf*ckin' soldiers
For my soldiers (From all the way)
For my thugs in the trenches (From down South with it)

[Verse 1]
This for them soldiers
The ones who stuck in them trenches
The ones who locked up, doin' time, ain't seen them kids in a minute
The prosecutor in her feelings, ain't reducin' no sentence
I done had a lot of problems with them dirty lil' bitches
My lil' nigga f*cked up, baby mama, she trippin'
She want money for them kids, he say, "How I'm gon' get it?"
So he bought a stick, started robbin' and killin'
Started puttin' shit to sleep, now he hot in the city
Now it's JPay, he callin' me like send him some money
Say he in a situation, he f*cked over his bunky
Now it's back to the block, servin' basers and junkies
Monday to Sunday, tryna turn nothin' to somethin'
My probation officer been on that f*ck shit again
House arrest don't make it better, but it is what it is
'Cause she gon' come 'round nine, and I'm gone by ten
How the f*ck you expectin' me to provide for them kids? (f*ck)
Call Rissa on the phone, man, I love that bitch
I can't wait 'til I get home so I can cut that shit
She gon' suck that dick with ice, she know I love that shit
You lookin' for me, you can find me where them thugs at, jit
Niggas be lyin' to their kids, but won't lie to your honor
They some snitches and bitches, name stay in some drama
Before I tell on my nigga, put me six feet under
Real soldier, that's that life in the jungle
This that life in the jungle, uh
This that Nolia flow (Nigga, what?)
This that Nolia flow (Nigga, what?)
This that motherf*ckin' what? Huh, this that Nolia flow
Nigga, what? This that Nolia flow (Huh, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Now I'm late night slidin' in that all-black Jeep
Gotta watch my every move 'cause this shit look a lil' creep
Finna get some top from this lil' thot and she stay right 'cross the street
I told that bitch to hurry up, I ain't had head all week
And she say, "f*ck you, nigga," I say, "f*ck you too"
She say, "I love your Black ass," girl, I love you too
See, I done had a lot of hoes, but they can't do it like you
Suck it and look me in my eyes, girl, you look so cute
See, I'm a thug, but thugs need love (Yeah)
'Cause love the only thing that keep a nigga's head above
And when we first met, you knew exactly what it was
So hold a nigga down until them crackers lock me up
A gangsta, survivor, right hand on the Bible
Left hand on my rifle, I'm watchin' for my rival
But if I die, tell my grandma that I love her
I'm sorry, mama, I'm a hard-headed motherf*cker (Yeah)

Yeah, and this that Nolia flow (That Nolia flow)
This that Nolia flow
This that motherf*ckin' what? Uh, this that Nolia flow (That Nolia flow)
This that Nolia flow (Huh, yeah)
Yeah, free all my (Magnolia)
Free all my soldiers across the nation, you feel me? (And I'm ridin' with my motherf*ckin' soldiers)
Long live Soulja Slim (Ayy)
Long live Slim forever (This that motherf*ckin' Nolia, ayy)
(Catch me slidin' with them soldiers)
Long live Neek (We slidin', we slidin', yeah)
And we still on the same shit too (Ha, f*ck a nigga)
Real trench babies (For my, for my soldiers, my motherf*ckin')
Yeah (I f*ck with them streets too)

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Songwriter(s): Dee Watkins
Record Label(s): 2021 Alamo Records
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