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Clout Chasers
Dee Watkins
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Clout Chasers Lyrics

Lil' Dee
Hold up
Gang (Ayy, uh)

[Verse 1]
f*ck how they feelin' I'm chillin', uh
I'm with the robbers and villains, uh
We put his face on a t-shirt
Since he want clout and attention, uh
Twenty racks stuffed in my denims, uh
My bitch a ten with no filter, uh
We like to pull up in person, uh
They like to pull up on Twitter, ayy
They like, "That lil' nigga fresh as a bitch"
I'll take your ho in some regular shit
Look at my teeth and my neck and my wrist
Damn, I ain't think I was ready for this
Smoke got shot, I'll never forget
He got me ready to step on some shit
It could be a hundred degrees outside with a sweatеr
I still ain't sweatin' a bitch, ayy
Huh? (What it is?) Nah (Yeah)
Nah (Gang), I'm that lil' nigga for real in rеal life (Nigga, you know what the f*ck it is, man)
Not just on the internet, you feel me? (Real Florida shit, they know what it is, like, in real life we really live like that)
They know what it is (We really thuggin' on and off the internet, these niggas be talkin' crazy)
This that Florida shit (f*ck be wrong with 'em?), ayy, ayy (Real Florida sh—)

[Verse 2]
Walk in the show with that stick in my jacket
I'm that lil' nigga for real, I ain't braggin'
Niggas be actin' like Angela Basset
I heard a opp got chopped, that's tragic
This a Backwood to the face, can't pass it
She can suck dick all day, she nasty
Niggas be flaggin' and actin' and cappin'
Ballin' too hard, I got kicked out of practice
Look at my life and how far I done came
Look how they hate and throw salt on my name
Why he keep askin' how much was my chain?
Damn, all this money gon' drive me insane
I be with steppers, we don't get on planes
I don't like rappers 'cause niggas be lame
Runnin' shit up, I'm ahead of the game
f*ck the industry I'm never gon' tame, nigga

Lil' Dee
Huh? (What?) Huh? (What?) Huh? (What?) Huh? (What?)
Huh? (What?) Huh? (What?) Huh? (What?)
[Verse 3]
I hop on the beat and go crazy
Go get some money, you lazy
I ain't never let a bitch play me
Glock G4, no safety
I don't wanna f*ck, just face, please
Nappy headed jit like KD
SRT couldn't race me
These broke-ass niggas don't faze me, gang

I would just talk my shit, ayy
I would just pop my shit, ayy
I would just talk my— hold up
I would just talk my—
I would just talk my shit

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Songwriter(s): Dee Watkins, Prodby.Z
Record Label(s): 2020 Alamo Records
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