The Grand Disguise Lyrics

The morning star shined for the first time
Bringing life-force into the earth
By the will of the one, the place of human's birth
Zealous hands and wings of light
Looking after his sons in all their might
Unaware of the one who walks behind
Secretly threatening the creation divine

(But) the creator's eye cannot be deceived
Punishment was set on he who did not believe

Lightning flashes across the sky
Spears clash thundering deafly
Warriors of God flying high
Fiercely fighting the unholy might
Screaming and laughing
Striking and slashing
Lucifer and his corrupted birds of evil
Heavens trembling
Light prevails
Ban him forever with his evil horde
Never to enter again the home of the lord

Damned by God and tortured by the angels
Banished from paradise
In misery I lay planning my disguise
Underground silently you will live
Foolish thoughts of yours, I'll destroy what you conceived
Destroy it you cannot, you are just one man
Although his wings are broken this one man will rise again
Into the fire pit I fall
Dark wings will grow and wounds will heal
At the end of the torment within
Humans will succumb in sin
The pain of fire shall pass

Rise from your torpor legions of darkness
Banished with me you have been
And now by my hand you are more
To every human on earth a demon to corrupt
Now spread your wings and fly
Make them my slaves, make my fire burn high

Once there was a place where people lived in harmony
But then something happened, corruption and tyranny
Chaos and war raging from the inside
People being killed by the rising tide
Consuming our planet, covered suicide
Life is a gift from above and here we are willing to die

Corrupted by evil, blind monsters we remain
Trying to make things better we'll all die in vain
Fortresses of stone fall into rivers of blood
Corpses all around, we were abandoned by our God
Deceived by the fallen angel, seduced by his sins
We are all devils disguised under animal skins

Together we criy for we were not prepared
Menace of one, all the damage he have done
Surrounded by darkness his servants they've become
Our children they once were but not anymore
Now humans are just animals pretending to be gods
Look to all the pain that we have caused
Look to all the deaths in the name of God
Castles and machines, giants of metal and stone
Just symbols of power of the ones in the thrones
Moving their nations like pieces on a chess board
They simply can't see they are puppets among the devil's horde
Why do you cry wings of power?
Despise for the creatures you put on the earth

Suffering through ages finally comes the hour
A new age will come, the good shall have rebirth
House of demons, the earth is my domain
Before the sunrise you were the angel of light
The rulers of mankind, my slaves they will remain:
Bringing back the pureness, we won't abandon this fight

So here we are
Standing on the edge of existence
Bound to an uncertain fate
At the brink of the judgement day
Shall we go on?
I feel we've crossed the line
Has he abandoned mankind?
Can you feel the winds of change?
Can you feel the fire of rage?
Do you remember the peace we've been evading?
Struggling through this battle my faith is slowly fading

Here we stand at the edge of time
Where no one can hear our cries
We have failed our own existence
We'll forever be forged in lies

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Record Label(s): 2014 Power Prog
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