Streetz Keep Callin' Me Lyrics

[Intro: Davina]
U Can Catch Me In Traffic When Im Out In The Wind-
N Im Finna Do It Somethin Drastic
Cuz The Streetz Is Where I Been-
Street Life- The Streetz They Keep Callin Me-
Late Nite- Streetz Keep Callin Me.

[Mad Dogs Verse:]
O.G. To The Game- I Aint New To The Fame-
Im A Ghetto Celeb- These Streetz Be Callin My Name-
I Still Bang Up Those Suckas Mayne- Knuckle Up N Throw Them Thangs-
Pull Out My Dusta N Get To f**kin Bustin Mayne-
I Aint Changed- Man I Survived This Game-
29 Years Of Survival Mayne-
Duckin N Dodgin The Police-
Soakin Up Game From The O.G.S-
Now I Sprinkle Game On To The Lil B.G.S-
Let Em Know How We Do It In These Northern Cali Streetz-
It Aint Easy Bein Me Mayne- So Much Expected From A G Mayne-
I Can Lead By Example- But Thats Just A Sample-
I Wish That I Could Show U But My Hands Are So Damn Full-
Street Life Keeps Callin My Name-
I Aint Ask For The Fame Of A Ghetto Celebrity.

[Hook: Davina]
Street Life- The Streetz They Keep Callin Me-
Late Night On The Scene Is Where I Wanna Be-
I See Em Lookin N I Hear Em As They Callin Me-
They Callin My Name To Get Up Close N Get A Taste Of Fame-
A Street Celebrity- But I Know I Gotta Be Discreet-
Feelin Like A Superstar But The Streetz They Keep Callin Me-
N U Know Im Gonna Hit The Scene Hard N Do It Drastically-
Its Callin Me- The Streetz Keep Callin Me.

[Davinas Verse:]
Without A Doubt- I Still Come Around-
I Wanna See Whats Goin Down.
Ill Show My Face So That U Can Never Say
That I Try To Hide Away- I Aint Never Sellin Out.
I Aint Afraid To Do Anything I Put My Mind Into-
My Life Has Changed But Im Still The Same
N I Remain Loyal And True- To The Game N From The Town I Came-
Up In These Streetz Of Northern Cali- Reppin Proudly East Bay!
N Though My Names Experienced A Taste Of Fame-
But I Was Raised In These Streetz- Its In My Blood-
Thats Just The Way A Homegirl That Done Came Up-
Im Still The Same- But U Cant Take That Away-
The Streetz Remain To Be My First Love.
So When U See Me On The Block Or In The Streetz-
Understand That This Is Where I Belong N Choose To Be-
Street Credit- Theres No Other Way To Live-
Gotta Get It Cuz Without It Then U Really Aint Shit.

[Repeat Hook:]

[Outro: Davina]
It's Goin' Down Tonight.... Tonight It Goes Down....
It's Goin' Down Tonight.... Tonight It Goes Down

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