Put It On The Line Lyrics

Never mind my behaviour
Shut to the system like the taze up
f**k on the rocks no chase up
... So we flavor, some say that I'm pulling off the paper
Biblical proportions, I could be savior
Swinging like the frasure and his prime on my competition is bout to have the really sheets on
I'm even more smoke now at the corner quick whine
You're waiting for her and takes the phone back and she already hip mine
That's the way to tense court, do it your girl's pock sleeping like a pimps... Do it
Spend the money on we for no good reason
I live in the fact that I'm here and I'm good reaven
Ask about my evening how I really gather f**k
Asking bout my bedroom I don't really give it up
Asking what I'm gonna do, I'm about to live it up
How we're doing... And unseen in the cinema
I'm a have you pay check seem like it's...
And this New York dudes probably in the villagers
From the other side of the world that will sign more
Gotta bring you about you something in the...
Name Gabicka oming out to speak up
Looking at my eye thinking puffin out some riffa
Just some hot star shit, thinking that I'm twisting when I'm straught this half past six

They're trying to tell me something
They're trying to tell me to slow down
Tell the mama wanna roll now

When it feels good they say don't risk it though I still would
I still would, put it on the line, like the ring fing on my mind
I put it all on line like there ain't a thing on my mind
I put it on the line like there ain't a thing on my mind
They gotta take it all, put it all on the line like there ain't no thing on my mind

Yeah no... We're run so, this year the brother is gonna pro
So let em all know that they rub on the back stage putting in work while they have it in the sick day
And my whole team look shoppers is switch play
These other dudes fans all leavin them quick way
Could people in Brasil yelling acting the shit way
I'm Twitter hangin off for every word that the kiss say
Hands off the wheel when my foot on the gas
If you knew bout my struggle then you wouldn't be mad
Why dna told me I should never be said
This is what your eyes float take a girl with the back add
So I'm not here enjoying it, shoes me it stays bro destroying it
Boss at the flaws employing it, I might need a loyal quick
'Cause I see a couple people french and copy my outfit
But forgot about the linch pin
I ain't gonna let some nerve any given sunday
Life was game of inches bro, it's like a dream sometimes you gotta pinch me bro
I was right here running on instinct...


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