I Have A Confession To Make
David Bowden
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I have a confession to make. Grace is more racy than homosexuality, more
Full of life than teenage pregnancy more captivating than pornography.
Grace is far more potent than anything that could make us guilty. But we
Treat grace like a child when we hide our sin and question its ability.

I have a confession to make, the measure of a Christian is not how well
Their sin is hidden, or how many church services they have attended or how
Low the number of transgressions they've committed is. The measure of a
Christian, is hidden in Christ of whom they have been given. I have a
Confession to make, there is now no condemnation for those who are in
Christ Jesus and that goes for the gossip as well as the alcoholic, the
Greedy as well as those in adultery, yhe apathetic as well as the addict,
The judgmental as well as the homosexual. We're all looking for something
We can throw at anyone whose sin looks worse than our own, but we are all
Sinners; we've all been exposed, so none of us are left with even a
Single stone.

I have a confession to make; anyone who calls themselves a Christian makes
The ultimate confession, for Christ did not come for the healthy but for
Those who needed medication. The prostitutes, murderers, and those in
Rehabilitation, so if you claim to be a Christian, you claim to be in need
Of powerful salvation.

I have a confession to make; we are all trapped in shame, till we give sin
A name. For we all play this game where we try to look the same by
Modifying and hiding our behavior so no one can see our sin and make us a
Stranger. But what we don't realize is that we are in danger, for if we
Live like we have no sin, then we live like we need no savior.

I have a confession to make, my eyes, lips, and mind are stained in
Unclean from images, drinks, and words that would have condemned me, but I
Am not saved because I am perfect, or have my sin under control. I am saved
Because I need saving and that is the Gospel.

I have a confession to make, you no longer have to hide, for God has seen
Everything that you are and still came for you and died. It doesn't matter
If everyone rejects you; you are still His spotless bride. So come join me
In confession, where we still every brother's suspicion, every sister's
Suggestion. Because we have stepped fully in the light without any
Hesitation, no longer can we hide nor do we feel the inclination. For
Freedom is far better than staying in incarceration, so come, make your
Confession and rob sin of its power. For what strength does it have if
It's shame's been devoured. Come, make your confession and make room
For the healing. Both for yourself and for others with whom your very sin
They have been dealing. Come make a confession and rid the church of its
Judges. For if everyone is confessing, there is no room to make judgements.

I have a confession to make, God is not condemning, and we should not be
Trying to play His role. Let us start to pick up our cross instead of our
Stones. Hurl rocks of Gospel at each other instead of blows. Open our
Mouths to confess and forgive, instead of keeping them closed and overlook
The spec in another's eye, so we can attend to the plank in our own. I
Have a confession to make, and church, it's time you made yours too. For
Christ did not die so that we may hide, but to love us in spite of the
Wrong we do, so come speak your sins on the altar of confession. It doesn't
Matter if the world says you're condemned, because all God speaks, is

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Record Label(s): 2012 The Garden
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