Long Term Money Lyrics

Yo, yo
Yeah, uh
Yo, yo

[Black Justice]
Get me in the calm, set it with my breadreign
Free to be, but they invest this, true confessions
In all essense to reality
Proclame a sanity flow, like zero gravity
You understandin me?

[Darkim Be Allah]
I glock for my family
The real live niggas, could live a fantasy
Takin ya place, is we can't imagine me
Sippin my drink, I did a can't it be
Dime to the west of me, takin my time with the recipe
Seein my peeps, and creap them separetely

[Black Justice]
They like the idea gettin high with a bunch of niggas
Sought got my physical and all those big shot lawyers
Put the plantation, I'm on extended vacation
My mind will take me places

[Darkim Be Allah]
Each and every nation maintainin
On your block for the duration, feelin the time my niggas facin
The best way to stay broke and paper chasin
Fear for me, I tear for me, approach the situation
Stay humble while I'm rumblin with Satan
Please relate, got playas hatin

[Black Justice]
I put my heart in it, where every end there is new beginning
Lookin better than decept
I'm tryin to explain I'm like sunshine in a rainy day
This is for playin b-ball all day and milk crates
And subways, I feel I placed, like and out of body experience
In front of the building, blame revenge
I've seen it all go down, and niggas ain't around now
I think I've seen too much
Pops check me, see how I'm holdin up
Give me ten for a cut, before we startin f**kin with clubs

[Darkim Be Allah]
Whole crew we came in it, Darkim to the rain drought
Hustle long and strong, brake ya tens and ya twenties out
When honey shout words of hate, I don't debate
I sit back and wait till the hour get late
Then feed it, I'm undefeated in this rap shit
Freaky ass catch for the sexually active
Practice for years, my eyes filled with tears
As a youngster, niggas pulled knives out the puncter
Stab wounds, now I make bad toombs, resume with raw shit
Coppin my shit from many sources

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